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Published on July 11, 2014

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Venod Sharma – Venod Sharma Politician: Venod Sharma – Venod Sharma Politician Indian Politician From Haryana JanChetna Party – Venod Sharma: JanChetna Party – Venod Sharma Venod Sharma announced the launching of his political front on 22 nd June 2014. The front was called JanChetna Party. JanChetna Party was formed after Venod Sharma found deep anger in the hearts of common Haryana citizens against the political system. While meeting with people on the ground, Venod realized that citizens were disappointed with the current lot of Haryana leaders. People had lost all their hopes and felt cheated by the ruling politicians. Brief About JanChetna Party: Brief About JanChetna Party Politicians were not interested in resolving people’s problems. They had become arrogant and were working for the growth and development of their regions. The state had been left on its own to feed for itself. Finding such problems in the state, Venod Sharma took the onus on himself and decided to launch a movement to clean Haryana politics. JanChetna Party is the outcome of that decision. The party aims to provide equal opportunities to all sections of the society. It will work for development of all regions, and not get involved in regional favoritisms. The party plans to scrap the illegal interview process of recruitment in Haryana jobs. It will target to provide jobs to the un-employed youths and strive to improve the agriculture growth in the state. Brief About JanChetna Party: Brief About JanChetna Party The party is currently involved in membership drive, and different types of committees are being formed at district and state level. The headquarter of the party will be in Ambala . Party plans to get itself represented in all assembly constituencies. It is open for discussions with like minded people, parties for upcoming assembly elections. Thanks: Thanks Venod Sharma , Indian Politician From Haryana. He is fighting for Haryana Development and Education Structure. www. venodsharma .com/

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