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Published on July 8, 2014

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PowerPoint Presentation: Welcome to our clinic! Dr Ram Naresh Owner, VET AT HOME, Mobile Veterinary Services around Perth, Western Australia PO BOX 278, Melville 6956, WA, Australia Mobile : 0416724140 Email: [email protected] PowerPoint Presentation: About Vet at Home VET AT HOME, Mobile Veterinary Services , was conceived by Dr Ram Naresh after meeting several old age pet owners, working pet owners and mums with young kids in veterinary consult rooms. Often pets can be extremely uncomfortable and stressed in veterinary hospitals and consulting rooms. PowerPoint Presentation: About Dr Ram Naresh Dr Ram Naresh is an Australian citizen and veterinary surgeon registered with the Australian Veterinary Board Council, WA, and a member of the Australian Veterinary Association. Ram has worked from 1992 as a vet, university demonstrator, university lecturer for final year vet students, researcher (agricultural research services) and postgraduate teacher in India and also in Australia. PowerPoint Presentation: Vet At Home Offers :-- Full Consultation Vaccination Microchipimplants Arthritis/lameness management Diagnostic Tests – Blood, urine, feces, skin Wound/Abscess and minor surgeries Home Euthanasia Heartworm Injection Lump check Skin problems Hobby farmers and farm animal services PowerPoint Presentation: Services :-- Consultation Vaccination Microchipping Home Euthanasia Pet Cremations Wildlife & Exotic Pets Emergency & After Hours Osteoarthritis and lameness Heartworm Injection Diagnostic tests Deworming Flea control Skin and Ear Problems Lump check Minor Surgeries and wound management PowerPoint Presentation: Consultation :-- A full consultation includes history taking, physical examination, examination of the pet’s environment, on the spot diagnostic tests and treatment of the animal. Costs of drugs and diagnostic tests will be charged separately. Vaccination :-- Vaccinating your pet regularly according to the latest guidelines is the best way to keep pets away from deadly and expensive to treat diseases. In general, vaccines have been classified into two categories – core and noncore vaccines. Core Vaccines are recommended vaccines for pets. PowerPoint Presentation: Microchipping :-- Animal Microchipping is an essential part of modern pet care because it is helpful to locate a lost pet. We use very sharp needles to minimize the pain for your kittens and puppies. Home Euthanasia :-- Euthanasia is a painless procedure, and allows us to say a final goodbye when our pet is suffering with incurable painful conditions or is perhaps too old to cope with life. Your home is the best place for your pet to be euthanized . PowerPoint Presentation: Pet Cremations :-- VET AT HOME also provide a range Pet Cremations Perth which means after euthanasia we will take your pet with us for a professional cremation. Wildlife & Exotic Pets :-- Ram has special interest in diseases of birds, reptiles, and wild mammal. Ram completed two weeks special training at Kanyana Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre, Lesmurdie, Western Australia. Emergency & After Hours :-- VET AT HOME can only help your pet with nonlife threatening emergencies OR after hour’s veterinary problems for example vomiting, diarrhoea, chocolate ingestion, insect bites, minor wounds, minor trauma, lameness or pain and mild to moderate heat stroke. PowerPoint Presentation: Osteoarthritis and lameness :-- Osteoarthritis is one of the major causes of lameness in older dogs. It occurs due to deterioration of joint cartilages which results in pain, swelling of the joint, lameness and decreased range of motion. Heartworm Injection :-- Heart worm injection is the easiest and effective way to prevent heart worm infestation as you will not need to remember dates and days as you would if you chose to medicate your dog monthly. Diagnostic tests :-- In this many test perform like; Skin scrapings examination to diagnose mange/mites, SExamination of ear swabs to diagnose bacterial and yeast infection. PowerPoint Presentation: Flea control :-- Most of the products control intestinal worm or heartworm or both along with flea control. Please follow the product’s indications and guidelines very carefully to use these products. Minor Surgeries and wound management :-- According to Australian Veterinary Board it is unlawful to perform any major surgery on dogs, cats and other pets at owner’s house under general anaesthesia or cocktails of several drugs. Dr Ram can help your pet to manage common wounds caused by cat or dog fights, skin abscesses and skin infections. PowerPoint Presentation: Lump check :-- It is important to make sure what kind of lump is affecting your dog. Some lumps, particularly malignant tumours , may be life threatening and they need to be removed as quickly as possible. Skin and Ear Problems :-- Dr Ram will assess your pet for all of these problems. Most of these problems may be diagnosed on the basis of history, physical examination and on the spot tests. However some of these may be complicated and may require further tests for an accurate diagnosis. PowerPoint Presentation: Our special features Afterhours and emergency services Discounts to senior and pensioners Payment Plan (Only to know client) Multiple vaccination Discount Multiple Microchipping Discount Breeders Discounts We Promises Experienced VET Trust Peace Honesty Affordable Prices Compassion Contact Us: Contact Us Vet At Home Address : PO Box 278, Melville 6956 WA AUSTRALIA Phone : 0416724140 Website : Email : [email protected]

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