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Published on July 14, 2014

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The Home Appliance Must Haves: The Home Appliance Must Haves Almost everyone in their life needs to buy home appliances to serve their everyday needs. Some compared to others, are deemed absolutely necessary in one’s home. These usually include kitchen appliances such as an induction cooker induction cooktop and also various others that are necessary for comfortable living, such as a ceiling fan distribution board. PowerPoint Presentation: The appearance of kitchen appliances has quite the impact on the style of one’s home as they are visible and the part of that room of the house that is the most heavily used. So cook-tops, refrigerators, oven and stoves are most likely to be preferred of being built of stainless steel. One also has the option of customizing their dishwasher, oven and refrigerator with wood paneling. The size and type of one’s refrigerator can be matched to one’s cooking style and household style. If one is a culinary master, they may require more room in the main fridge compartment for the freshly cooked food, including sufficient space in the crisper and meat storage drawers. PowerPoint Presentation: After the refrigerator, the next must have kitchen appliances are the ranges and ovens. Many people have their kitchens designed to accommodate all stand-alone large appliances, thus usually ranges and ovens are a single unit that has the range on the top and the oven underneath; having said that, other styles have started to gain popularity as well. Next, there are the counter top ranges that are embedded into one’s countertop. These usually require a specific electric or gas hook-up along with a custom-cut counter that has a drop-in space especially for the range. Each range hood will vary in terms of placement as these appliances are often installed on the countertop islands in the kitchen. The next thing that one absolutely needs in their kitchen is either a single or dual wall-mounted oven. If one has a large kitchen they usually would have the spare space for the installation of these large in either the cabinetry or in the wall itself. Such ovens usually come in pairs with countertop ranges. These ranges also have types and can either be smooth-top or magnetic. The smooth-top ones usually are mane of glass that is smooth and use radiant heat to heat the pans and pots. These also don’t require cautious cleaning but are simpler to clean as compared to coil ranges. On the other hand, the magnetic ranges only heat special pans where the magnetic field heats up the pan but not the stovetop, ensuring that one’s mixer grinder PowerPoint Presentation: Then there are the dishwashers. With these and a solar water heater, water efficiency is always a consideration. Wash cycles that are multiple, that have both cold air and hot air settings for drying purposes, help one to cut both energy and water use. Lastly, there are the disposals and the washers and dryers. Disposals do not have to be pretty appearance-wise as it’s a hidden appliance. One should locate a garbage disposal that has a high RPM rating as well as corrosion-resistant blades and compartments. If one’s home uses a septic tank, one should see of their tank is compatible with the disposal. PowerPoint Presentation: As for the washers and dryers, they can either run on gas or electricity, though one’s choice would depend on the fixtures that are available in one’s house for these appliances. Most of the dryers are front-loading only. One may want to check for an energy-saving, cool tumble-dry cycle too. Washing machines are available in both top and front-loading versions. Appliances like pumps , power and control cables , insulated power cables and an inverter are also quite in demand these days, though one does not consider them as must haves in the house. PowerPoint Presentation: Contact Us: V-GUARD INDUSTRIES LTD Regd. Office. 33/2905 F, Vennala High School Road, Vennala, Kochi-682028, Ph: +91 484 3005000 , Fax: 0484-3005100, E-mail: [email protected]

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