VIA Nano 3000 Series-Media Presentation

Information about VIA Nano 3000 Series-Media Presentation

Published on November 3, 2009

Author: VIATech



VIA Nano 3000 Product Highlights : VIA Nano 3000 Product Highlights Improved performance Performance increases of 20% on average Improved energy efficiency Up to 20% more energy efficient All VIA Nano processors have a die-size of 7.65mm x 8.275mm and the NanoBGA2 package of 21mm x 21mm VIA ‘Isaiah’ Architecture Highlights : VIA ‘Isaiah’ Architecture Highlights World’s most power-efficient out-of-order x86 architecture Full support for 64-bit operating systems High-performance superscalar processing Most efficient speculative floating point algorithm Full processor virtualization support Advanced power and thermal management Leading-edge VIA PadLock hardware security features Pin-to-pin compatibility provides natural upgrade path from other VIA processors VIA ‘Isaiah’ Architecture Diagram : VIA ‘Isaiah’ Architecture Diagram Benchmark Test Setup : Benchmark Test Setup VIA Nano 3000 Performance : VIA Nano 3000 Performance 43% overall Performance lead VIA Nano 3000 Performance : VIA Nano 3000 Performance 40% overall Performance lead VIA Nano 3000 Performance : VIA Nano 3000 Performance 54% overall Performance lead VIA Nano 3000 Performance : VIA Nano 3000 Performance 51% overall Performance lead Serving Key Growth Segments : Serving Key Growth Segments The VIA Nano 3000 Series is optimized to offer an industry-leading solution for a range of devices including: NetNote Thin and light notebooks All-in-one PCs Strong Momentum into Global OEM Accounts : Dell Fortuna – Web-hosting Server (May 2009) Strong Momentum into Global OEM Accounts Ars Technica: “I believe it, and so should you: Nano is designed for power-sipping applications like Mini-ITX builds and netbooks.  Dell suggests that, for some applications, using such processors in the server space can save power” “At less than 30 watts, the Nano is considered a low-power processor that packs enough of a punch for lighter computing tasks, such as Web hosting. For companies that need lots of Web servers to handle heavy traffic, the Nano-based system's size and power consumption makes sense.” New York Times: “The Nano chips can run the most advanced operating system software out there (64-bit) and handle virtualization tasks. So there’s more bang now on the low-power front.” Slide 12: 12 TongFang S30A – Thin & Light (May 2009) Strong Momentum into Global OEM Accounts About the VIA Nano Processor Platform the first 64-bit, superscalar processors in VIA's x86 platform portfolio, VIA Nano processors have been specifically designed to revitalize traditional desktop and notebook PC markets, delivering truly optimized performance and security for the most demanding computing, entertainment and connectivity applications.” “VIA’s Nano processor may have been making the rounds of netbooks and nettops lately, but the company isn’t overlooking the processor’s potential for more traditional laptops, and it now has a pretty impressive example of the latter in the form of Tongfang’s new S30A thin-and-light.” Slide 13: 13 Samsung NC20 Thin & Light NB (Feb 2009) Strong Momentum into Global OEM Accounts Laptop Mag: “…reports that the system notched 1,675 on PCMark05. By way of comparison the Eee PC 1000HE which is powered by the latest Intel Atom N280 notched close to 100 points lower with 1,588.” Engadget: “Samsung NC20 sees foreign review, universal appreciation... According to a remarkably lengthy review penned in Russian, the NC20 is a real stunner. Somehow, Samsung managed to stuff six hours of battery life into a machine with a 12.1-inch display, which ought to please anyone truly looking for ideal netbook functionality.” Slide 14: 14 Lenovo IdeaPad S12 – Thin & Light NB (June 2009) Strong Momentum into Global OEM Accounts Slashgear: “Lenovo have revealed a VIA Nano based IdeaPad S12 netbook.  The 12.1-inch WXGA machine uses VIA’s Nano ULV 2250 processor, running at 1.30GHz, together with the company’s integrated Chrome9 HC3 graphics chipset.” PCmag: “…used the VIA Nano processor matched with VIA Chrome9 integrated graphics” “… and if my brief experience with the S12, along with its price and specs, are any indication, it should be a strong contender in the higher-end netbook market—albeit, literally, a "heavyweight" one.” Slide 15: Growing Mini-note and Thin & Light Market Share 15 Source: IDC estimation CAGR (%): Compound Annual Growth Rate Unit: Mu Media Response to VIA Nano : Media Response to VIA Nano “…the overall computing experience is much more responsive and snappy - this is thanks to the Nano's Out of Order execution engine.” Samsung NC20: Computer of the Year - “.. the NC20 outclassed every Atom-based laptop we've ever tested.” “I’ve been impressed with the VIA Nano platform so feels more like a standard laptop than a netbook.” Slide 17: Thank You

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