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Published on June 13, 2016

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1. Victor Nuñez Espinosa +34-618-740-617 | [email protected] | Linked in Profile: Víctor Núñez Espinosa, GEMBA, MBA International Executive United States, Europe, Middle East North Africa (MENA), South America, Asia CEO | CFO | SENIOR DIRECTOR Finance | Operations | Strategic Planning | Business Turnaround Construction | Manufacturing | Food & Beverage Trusted Visionary | Truth Teller | Turnaround Specialist SETS COMPANIES BACK ON TRACK Fluent: English, Spanish | Business French PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Cicop SA, Alicante, Spain 2013 to Present $10 million steel structure, building facade design, manufacturer, and installer firm. CEO Highlights: First C-level executive to helm this family owned and operated company. Challenged to turnaround failing business operations and revenue losses . Received power of attorney. Architected the first internationalization plan. Designed, implemented a three-year strategic plan to accelerate production and systematically lower costs.  Led business turnaround to produce a total of 11% year-over-year net revenue increase  $1.1 million net revenue gain within one year  Improved gross revenue margin by 20%  Spearheaded new market penetration, which gained 33% revenue share and 300% accrued growth from Algeria, France, and Equatorial Guinea  Cut welding costs by 50%, raised unit productivity by 40% during Phase I of an Enterprise Resource Plan (ERP), reduced total man hours by 20% Hispania Construction, Doha (Qatar), Middle East Operations 2012 to 2013 CEO - Middle East Region Launched business and financial operations that were projected to earn $20 million during the first year. Arranz-Acinas, Burgos, Spain | New York, NY | Sofia, Bulgaria 2009 to 2012 Northern Spain’s largest residential and commercial construction company with over 150 companies located throughout Spain, the United States, Panama, Hungary, Bulgaria, Poland, and Morocco. Country Manager (2011 to 2012) Highlights: Oversaw restoration of a 40-kilometer railway with two stations. Established satellite operations in Bulgaria and Sofia. Developed, executed the annual operating plan. Budget: $47 million Oversight: Cost Control | Raw Material Supply Purchasing | Negotiations | Vendor and Supplier Management throughout eight Countries  Averted 50% revenue loss of a project redesign through spirited vendor negotiations  Positioned company to win a $14 million award to build medical center in Macedonia  Established strategic partnerships with three of the top competitors Senior Director of Finance / Controller, USA, New York, NY (2009 to 2011) $340 million North American subsidiary

2. Victor Nuñez Espinosa +34-618-740-617 | [email protected] | Linked in Profile: Víctor Núñez Espinosa, MBA Reporting: CEO, Collaborated with CPA’s, auditors and finance professionals. Highlights: Developed, implemented and managed an economic model for projects in New York.  Laid the foundation for $110 million revenue growth with implementation of strict fiscal controls, policies and procedures  Increased net revenues by 25% through renegotiated contracts, modification of construction design Aquadeus S.L. (Fuertes Holdings Group – Alma Group), Murcia, Spain 2007 to 2009 $21 million gross revenue producer and bottler of private label waters Managing Director / CFO Highlights: Rapidly advanced to top level. Strengthened organizational growth Riveted inventory control, shrank materials usage. Served on elite Crisis Committee. Reporting: President and Equity Members Oversight: Production | Quality Assurance (QA) | Finance End of Month (EOM) | Forecasting | Administration Representation: Government Agencies | Media  Cut production costs by 25%, increased demand by 60%, penetrated Spain’s largest retailers  Orchestrated transition to eco-friendly bottling processes  Met requirements for ISO 14001 in environmental administration, ISO 9001 Total Quality Management  (TQM with introduction of process improvement program El Pozo Alimentacion S.A., Alhama de Murcia, Murcia, Spain 2001 to 2007 Europe’s 2nd largest and most profitable meat supplier with $621 million in revenues, 3,500 employees and 650 premium products produced at factories in Spain, Portugal, and France. Director of Administration (2004 to 2007) Director of Internal Auditing (2003 to 2005) Internal Auditor (2001 to 2003) Highlights: First junior associate to steadily advance to an executive position. Headed up one of the two most revered departments. Selected by outgoing directors to fill their roles. Oversight: Finance, technology, and commercial operations Leadership: 70 managers and associates Locations: France, Portugal, Spain (12 locations)  Increased profitability by 25% – restructured defunct logistical structure; dissolved underperforming dealerships; oversaw one accelerated business run off.  ERP program – Prevented loss of product data; eliminated travel time for site visits  Exposed internal theft  Built three domestic / international auditing teams EDUCATION Georgetown University & ESADE Business School Dual Degree GLOBAL EXECUTIVE MBA (2015-2016) ICADE, Comillas Pontifical University, Alicante, Spain MASTERS BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION University of Murcia, Murcia, Spain MASTERS DEGREE: BUSINESS

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