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Published on July 24, 2014

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VILLA FOR SALE by-sacha guitry: VILLA FOR SALE by-sacha guitry MADE BY PAVNESH & SOURAV CONTENTS: CONTENTS ABOUT THE AUTHOR SUMMARY CHARACTER SKETCHES ABOUT THE AUTHOR: ABOUT THE AUTHOR Sacha Guitry (1885-1957) son of a French actor, was born in st. petersburg (later laningrad) which accounts for his fathers profession, he become a writer of plays and films . Some of his own experiences with people engaged in film production may be reflected in villa for sale. PowerPoint Presentation: Guitry was clever, irrepressible and a constant source of amusement. He claimed that he staged a one-man revolt against the dismal french theatre of his time. He was equally successful on screen and stage. Besides being a talented author and actor, he earned recognition as a highly competent producer and director. Summary Juliette wants to sell her villa: Summary Juliette wants to sell her villa When the scene opens, we see that Juliette and her maid are discussing the sale of the villa. She wonders if her mistress, Juliette, would be sorry for selling the villa. Juliette says that since the villa had been up for sale for the past month with no one willing to buy, she would be glad if it is sold off. However, the maid reminds her that she had put up the ‘For Sale’ sign at night. Juliette agrees that she had done this thinking that as soon as people saw the sign, they would rush to buy it. But no one has shown much interest in the place and Juliette wants to get it off her hands fast. A prospective buyer wants to see the villa: A prospective buyer wants to see the villa The agency through which Juliette is trying to sell the villa has informed her that a lady is interested in buying the villa. Juliette asks her maid as to what time the lady will come. The maid replies that she will come between four and five in the evening. The maid tries to talk Juliette out of selling the villa as it had been be a good place to spend her weekends. But as Juliette is in need of money, she thinks her decision is right. The maid gets an offer to act in films: The maid gets an offer to act in films The maid asks for a favour from her mistress. She has been offered a role in a film and for that she asks Juliette to let her go between nine and noon the next day. She informs that her role is that of a maid and she will get a hundred francs for it. Juliette is happy for her. The maid wants to know whether Juliette is willing to work in the film as well because they need a cook. Very impertinently she tells her mistress that since she has a funny face, she can get the role. She also tells her that as she is hard pressed for money, she should accept the offer. Juliette thanks her maid and agrees to think it over. The arrival of the buyer: The arrival of the buyer Just then, they hear the door bell and Juliette tells the maid to open the door while she goes upstairs. A couple enter and the maid tells them to be seated while she goes to call her mistress. Gaston and his wife, Jeanne, sit down, but it is obvious that Gaston does not want to buy the villa. He tries to find faults with everything, the first being the garden that is too small. The salon too is not appropriate. PowerPoint Presentation: An argument between the two ensues and Gaston tells his wife that he is not interested in buying any villa, but just to please her he is looking at the villa. He also reminds her that for the past month she has been keen on buying a villa and this is only so that her parents can stay there. He further declares that he will not pay the money to buy a villa for her parents. This leads to another argument about the dowry that Jeanne had brought with her. Gaston announces that the money of her dowry has been spent long back. Jeanne is being kind to Juliette: Jeanne is being kind to Juliette After the argument, both are willing to go away from there without looking at the villa but the entry of Juliette stops them. Jeanne talks to her about the house and Juliette tries to convince her that the house is very nice and will be suitable for them. She points out all the good things about the house, to which Gaston replies sarcastically. Juliette tells them the price of the villa  is two hundred and fifty thousand francs. Gaston exclaims that it is a very high price and puts up the price of sixty thousand francs. Juliette agrees for two thousand francs and takes Jeanne upstairs to see the rest of the house. A new buyer appears on the scene: A new buyer appears on the scene While both of them are upstairs, a lady comes to see the villa. She is very arrogant with the maid and thinks that Gaston is the owner of the villa. Gaston, too, good naturedly talks to her about the amenities of the house. The lady is least bothered about all that because she plans to knock down the house and build a new one. A very good deal indeed!: A very good deal indeed! Gaston tells her he wants to sell it for three hundred thousand francs and the lady agrees. She gives him the necessary details and tells him to vacate the villa by the next day. Gaston makes a deal with her and when Juliette and Jeanne come down, he informs them that he is willing to buy the villa for two hundred thousand francs and asks Juliette to vacate the villa by the next day. Both the ladies are surprised at the turn of events and Gaston is happy at the profit he has made. Character sketch of Julliette: Character sketch of Julliette julliette was a cunning lady.she was a good dealer. she knew how to do business.first thing is that she didn't let her tongue slip and told a lot good about jeanne and gaston. the villa was a big headache for her and she wanted to sell it at any rate, even if it is the cheapest rate. but while coming to the point she didn't keep her word. she demanded a higher amount.but she is a good dealer. Character sketch of Jeanne: Character sketch of Jeanne she is a very cunning lady. the way she got Gaston in her pocket was very funny. she actually wanted the house for her parents but she was not agreeing with her fault although her fault was out. but she was very sensitive too and a caring women. she cared about her parents Character sketch of Gaston : Character sketch of Gaston Gaston's character was that of a witty, clever and a selfish man. He doesn't care about other's feelings but jumps on every opportunity that earns him wealth. He is a specimen of meanness,greediness,craftiness,cleverness and dishonesty. He is non co-operative and uncaring for his wife. He is a cheater in striking a deal with Mrs.AI Smith, who was a stupid lady, in a hurry to buy the villa. Through his greed, craftiness and black villainy nature he has made 1,00,000 francs without spending a single penny.

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