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Published on March 12, 2014

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PowerPoint Presentation: Y o ur M o vi n g Ch e c k list For a more o rganized , less str e s s ful m o vin g ex p er i ence Benefits of Creating a Checklist: B e n e fi ts o f C re at in g a C he ckl i st Moving can be stressful, which is why it’s a good idea to make a moving checklist to get everything in order. Making a checklist is easy and will help organize your move to maximize efficiency. Follow these steps to form your checklist and get prepared. Develop an Inventory: D eve lop a n Inv e ntory First of all, you need to create an inventory of your house to get an idea of how big of a move it’s going to be. Make an up-to-date list of your belongings, organize your list by room, such as kitchen, living room, etc. Making an inventory list will also help when you start to pack and label your boxes. Sort Through Your Belongings: S o r t T h r o ugh Y our B el on g in gs As you develop your inventory list, you can begin to sort through your belongings. This way, you will know what things to keep and what you should purge. Getting rid of old belongings will ensure you avoid bringing clutter into your new home, and of course, make your move easier. PowerPoint Presentation: R e s e a rch R e l ia ble Ca r ri e r s Now y o u’ r e ready to rese a rch relia b le carriers. T a ke not e of: Prices Locat ions Packing supplies Speci a lty se r vices PowerPoint Presentation: B u y P acki n g M a te ria l s an d Lab e l s Once you have selected your moving date and moving company, you can begin packing and labeling. Your inventory list will help make this process efficient and organized. Consider labeling your boxes before packing to further help with organization. PowerPoint Presentation: D o n ’ t h a v e t i me t o p a c k y o u r s e l f ? Along with selling packing materials, many moving companies also have a packing service. Trusted experts will help organize and pack your belongings for you. Relying on experienced movers to box your belongings will help ensure your fragile items, such as antiques and glassware, make it to your new home in one piece. Pack a Suitcase: Pa c k a S ui t c ase Don ’ t forget to keep s o me clothes a n d p e r sonal s u p pl i es set aside for your moving day. You don’t want to go through your carefully packed boxes on the day of your move. That’s why it’s a good idea to have a suitcase set aside until you can start unpacking in your new home. Start Your Checklist Today!: S t a r t Y our C h ec kl i s t To d ay! Don’t wait. Start your moving checklist today and ensure that your move is stress-free and well-organized. PowerPoint Presentation: About Us Tidewater Kloke Group Email: [email protected] Phone: 757-320-1189 806 Bluecrab Road Newport News, VA 23606 Manassas Kloke Group Email: [email protected] Phone: 571-921-4563 10904 Carolina Drive Manassas, VA 20110 Richmond Kloke Group Email: [email protected] Phone: 804-201-9221 1855 Boulevard West Richmond, VA 23230 Fredericksburg Kloke Group Email: [email protected] Phone: 540-322-2270 300 Lansdowne Road Fredericksburg, VA 22401 PowerPoint Presentation: I m age Attributions Sli d e 1 : Co urt e s y of K lo k e. c om Sli d e 2 : Co urt e s y of K lo k e. c om Sli d e 3 : Co urt e s y of B ing.c o m F r ee t o Sh a r e and Use Com m e r c i ally Sl i d e 4 : C o u rt esy o f B ing . c o m F r ee t o S har e a n d Use C o mmer c i a lly Sli d e 5 : Co urt e s y of K lo k e. c om Sli d e 6 : Co urt e s y of K lo k e. c om Sli d e 7 : Co urt e s y of K lo k e. c om Sli d e 8 : Co urt e s y of B ing.c o m F r ee t o Sh a r e and Use Com m e r c i ally Sli d e 9 : Co urt e s y of B ing.c o m F r ee t o Sh a r e and Use Com m e r c i ally Sl i d e 10 : C o u rt esy o f K l o ke . c o m

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