Virtual Office or Home Office? Why You Need Both!

Information about Virtual Office or Home Office? Why You Need Both!

Published on December 11, 2020

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Slide1: Virtual Office or Home Office? Why You Need Both! Slide2: You finally receive that important phone call you’ve been anticipating when the doorbell rings suddenly. It’s a UPS delivery that needs your signature. Your dogs are barking now and you imagine the thoughts running through your potential client’s mind. Where is this guy’s office located? The zoo? Slide3: Frantically searching for a quiet space, you run downstairs to the basement. Finally some peace and quiet. Too bad your signal is spotty here and you’ve lost the call. You wonder if you’ll hear from that prospect again after the impression you’ve made. Working from your home office has many perks: the flexibility to choose working hours, time saved on commuting, and a casual dress code. There’s always time to sneak a little household chore multi-tasking in there too ! But your home office has limitations. Is your home office consistently quiet enough for focused work and meetings? Does it provide a professional space to meet with clients and co-workers? Who monitors your expenses while you are creating whatever your business creates? Slide4: A virtual office can fill your home office’s shortcomings. Using a virtual office to supplement your business needs is an excellent solution to the potential problems of the home office. It offers private space for meetings, video calls, or focused work on the days you need it. Work from your home office on the days you want to work from home. Certainly, that’s the kind of flexibility you were looking for when you became a remote worker! What about a virtual business address? You’ll want the privacy and legitimacy that a virtual mailing address provides. No need to wait around for packages. A virtual office provides a secure location for deliveries, and you never have to hold mail while you’re traveling. Also available is a virtual mailbox that allows you to manage your mail from any device . Additionally, virtual offices often provide other business services you’ll need to be successful such as website design, payroll and accounting services, and notary services. This makes your virtual office a one-stop-shop for your business administrative needs! Slide5: This CEO uses both offices to grow his business. Vince Morgan is the CEO of a web services company and has used a virtual office for 3 years. “It’s important to me to have a professional space to meet clients,” he says. “I want to make the best impression, and have a quiet place where we can collaborate. I can’t do that at home.” Vince leads workshops that teach business owners how to set up and maintain their websites. His virtual office has been a great location for these workshops. It provides a comfortable space for learning and networking, along with up to date technology for training. Vince enjoys other benefits from his virtual office too. “Having a virtual address allows me to keep my business and personal mail separate. Also, the receptionist services have been invaluable,” he says. “I’m not always available to take calls, but I don’t have to worry about clients going to voicemail. They get to talk to a real person. And they’re always friendly and professional.” Slide6: Call Us: +1 201-589-0302 Web: / Address: 111 Town Square Place Jersey City, NJ 07310 153 W 27th St New York, NY 10001 Virtual Office NJ

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