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Published on April 28, 2009

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Virus Protection : Virus Protection Kara Roisum Virus Among Us : Virus Among Us Once upon a time, people surfed the Internet with no fear of viruses. They trusted their friends and never thought twice about opening email attachments. They could mindlessly download their favorite software and multimedia without suffering any repercussions. Unfortunately, those days are no longer, and now we live in a world where logging onto the computer means entering a never ending war zone full of viruses, worms, and other creepy sounding predators. For this reason, it’s vital that users spend time researching the vast quantities of antivirus software available to find the one that works best for them. Comparisons : Comparisons Bitdefender Antivirus 2009 Webroot Antivirus The Shield Deluxe Antivirus 2008 Bitdefender Anitvirus : Bitdefender Anitvirus Only $24.95 for single license Claims to: provide comprehensive protection, take up little space on the computer, cost less and require little maintenance. 60MB of hard disk required Ease of Use : Ease of Use Extremely easy to use. Simply download, install, follow the instructions, reboot and forget about it. One of the nicer features is Bitdefender’s ability to keep track of which files have been scanned, so if you haven’t used a file since the last scan, Bitdefender skips it, making the scanning process much faster. Other Features… : Other Features… Only antivirus software that also has a gamer mode for online gamers who can be protected without compromising performance. Also includes privacy protection. You can enter your credit card numbers and other private information, and if any Windows application attempts to send the numbers over the Internet, a window notifies and asks for your permission. Performance : Performance According to,, one of the most independent research labs for testing anitvirus software, recently tested Bitdefender. Bitdefender received their highest rating for having removed 98% of all viruses and spyware in their rigorous tests. In addition, Bitdefender has received the highest ratings for effectiveness by Virus Bulletin (VB100%) and AV, and was certified by ICSA, and West Coast Labs for its ability to detect viruses and virus replication while minimizing false positives (detecting viruses that are not there). What Do Users Say? : What Do Users Say? Interestingly, despite the professional reviews giving Bitdefender an “excellent” (4 out of 4), customers have only given it a “good” rating (2 out of 4) with several giving it a 0 or 1. The main issues seem to be the scan speed and results. One user stated that “The first thing it did [was] run a total scan and arbitrarily delete some important files because it thought they were suspicious. It did not move them to quarantine or ask me if I wanted them.” Webroot Antivirus 6.1 : Webroot Antivirus 6.1 $39.95 West Coast Labs and ICSA Labs Certified received VB100 Award from Virus Bulletin - group that conducts independent comparative testing of anti-virus products. Bronze award from Features : Features Includes a full version of Spy Sweeper Like Bitdefender, Webroot includes a gamer mode for uninterrupted play. Free remote file storage Monitors Internet activity, scans emails includes 17 kinds of shields including web browser protection, network shields, Windows systems shields, start-up protection and email attachment scanning New feature includes free backup to protect digital photos, music and files Ease of Use : Ease of Use Designed for home usage, Webroot’s interface is easy to understand, and it downloads quickly. Unlike Bitdefender, Quarantine section will let you restore any components accidentally altered after a system scan. Shield Deluxe 2009 : Shield Deluxe 2009 By PC Security Shield As little as $19.95 for a single computer license with $20 mail-in rebate offer Features : Features Virus, adware, and Spyware protection Scans all web, e-mail and instant messaging traffic for viruses and spyware, in real-time Claims not to dominate system resources Includes System Restoration Blocks access to phishing sites Hourly updates Free tech support, including chat support Keylogger protection (malicious programs that attempt to record keyboard entries, such as passwords) Improved: Reduces the system load and avoids requesting user interaction during games New laptop mode protects battery life Ease of Access : Ease of Access Easy to install User-friendly interface May block some sites as phishing sites, but changes to the settings can fix these issues. Other fine tunings to the settings can be done to customize the program. Customer Reviews : Customer Reviews According to, 61 customers gave Shield Deluxe 2009 an average of 2 stars. Major criticisms include: Slows down the system Computer freeze during scan Very unstable Poor customer service To sum it up… : To sum it up… No matter what route you choose to take, the key is to protect your computer with a reliable product. Good antivirus software doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. Like anything else, do your homework and read the product reviews and, just as importantly, the customer reviews. Slide 17: References   Compare 2009 Antivirus Software. (n.d.). Retrieved April 25, 2009, from   Miller, S. (2009, February 10). Antispyware Exposed?. Retrieved April 25, 2009, from   Protect your computer from adware and spyware. (n.d.). Retrieved April 25, 2009, from   The Shield Deluxe 2009 - Free software downloads and reviews - CNET (2009, January 22). Retrieved April 25, 2009, from   The Shield Deluxe Anti-Virus Software Review - StarReviews 2009. 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