Published on July 31, 2012

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PowerPoint Presentation: Visible Light communication By SAGINESH M K APPLIED ELECTRONICS MPTC VADAKARA Seminar on Sustainable Energy-Efficient Wireless Application Using Light PowerPoint Presentation: Outline PowerPoint Presentation: Introduction Lighting is a major source of electric energy consumption. Visible light communication is a data communications medium using visible light between 400 THz-800THz. General characteristics: visibility Security Harmless for human body Unregulated Using in restricted area Eye safety PowerPoint Presentation: Motivation Now, researchers came to realize that WLED devices could also be used for wireless purposes. LEDs rends to be considerable cheaper than RF. Optical wireless allows easy bandwidth reuse and improve security. It doesn’t generate RF contaminations. Replacing RF device will reduce interference in RF band. RF radiation in hospital and airplane will be vanished . Large amount of energy can be saved. PowerPoint Presentation: VLC History 1900s Current 405 B.C. 1800s 280 B.C. 1880 ~ Fire Sunlight Lamp LED Heliograph Beacon Fire Pharos Lighthouse Ship-to-ship Comm. Photophone By Bell Traffic Light /Signboard Light 800 B.C. Burning Kite In Battle VLC PowerPoint Presentation: Technology & Modulation Data Light source Modulation (PPM/FSK) Data Demodulation (PPM/FSK) PD or CCD PowerPoint Presentation: Why WLED ? Brightness / Power ratio Cost / Brightness ratio Incandescent Lamp Halogen Lamp Fluorescent Lamp LED LED LED LED 2003 2005 2010 2015 50 100 150 0 1 10 100 PowerPoint Presentation: VLC Characteristic Data rate (bps) 115K 4M 100M 480M 16M 50M UFIR FIR IR VI VLC 1 11 3 Distance (m) 2 6 20 50 UWB 802.11a 802.11b Bluetooth ZigBee PowerPoint Presentation: Transmitter/receiver of VLC Visible light LED Fluorescent lamp PIN photo diode Avalanche photo diode Image sensors PowerPoint Presentation: VLC vs. RF Characteristics Property VLC RF Visibility Yes No Bandwidth Unlimited, 400nm~700nm Regulatory, BW Limited EMI No High Hazard No Yes Power Consumption Relative low Medium Coverage Distance Short Medium PowerPoint Presentation: Advantages Transmit data by sockets of existing light fixtures. Alleviate a number of problems associated with the radio frequency (RF) communication systems. consume far less energy . Security. Harmless for human body. Eye safety. PowerPoint Presentation: Disadvantages Atmospheric absorption Shadowing. Beam dispersion Interference from background light sources PowerPoint Presentation: Applications Under water communication system Flow planning survey system for a store PowerPoint Presentation: Applications (contd) Inside airplane communication Vehicle to vehicle messaging PowerPoint Presentation: Indoor broadcasting system. Applications (contd) PowerPoint Presentation: Conclusion and outlook There are many application that can be realized using Visible Light Communication. Careful consideration will be needed to introduce it into a market. PowerPoint Presentation: Reference Hirohashi , Ikawa , Lin, “High-Speed Full-Duplex Multi-access System for LED Based Wireless Communications Using Visible Light ”, International Symposium on Optical Engineering and Photonic Technology: OEPT 2009, July 2009, Orlando, T. Komine and M. Nakagawa, “Fundamental analysis for visible- lightcommunication system using LED lights,” IEEE Trans. Consumer Electron vol. 50 The Case for Vehicular Visible Light Communication (VLC): Architecture, Services and Experiments By Cen Bi Liu Visible Light Communication Chung Ghiu Lee Chosun University South Korea PowerPoint Presentation: Questions ? PowerPoint Presentation: THANK YOU PowerPoint Presentation: Photophone PowerPoint Presentation: Heliograph PowerPoint Presentation: Image sensors PowerPoint Presentation: Image sensors

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