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Published on February 12, 2019

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slide 1: Find Allegiant Airlines Deals and Visit 5 Famous Waterfalls in Melbourne Plan a visit to Melbourne make Allegiant Airlines Reservations and pamper the nature lover inside you. Being one of most popular cities in the world Melbourne is jam-packed with plenty of things be it vibrant nightclubs high-end shopping malls haunted places lakes beaches or waterfalls. Tourists from all over the world visit this breathtaking place to relax and experience the recreational activities. If you are interested in viewing the authentic beauty of nature then visit the 5 most famous waterfalls in Melbourne. These waterfalls surely offers majestic sight to behold. Mason Falls Located inside the Kinglake National Park this lake is one of the spectacular places to explore. The scenic views amazing weather lush green beauty and cascading water is something nature buffs are craving for. Plan a visit to this scenic waterfall and enjoy picnicking camping or just a leisure walk. Trentham Falls slide 2: This waterfall is one of the conventional falls in Australia to explore. It is believed that this fall is formed by melting of lava. It is also known as prolonged fountain of Victoria. Owing to its uniqueness and spectacular beauty this fall lure visitors form far and wide. Camping beside falls and swimming is strictly banned here. Book Allegiant Airlines Flights now and explore the beauty of Melbourne. Mackenzie Falls Yet another scenic waterfall to witness the beauty of the nature is Mackenzie Falls. Pinpointed in Grampians National Park this is one of the largest waterfalls in Victoria. With Grampians in the backdrop and surroundings grasslands this iconic and spectacular place welcomes nature lovers to its peaceful settings. Crack Allegiant Airlines Deals and book cheap flight tickets to Melbourne. Erskine Falls Plan a visit to the breathtaking Erskine Falls and feel the fine mist from the cascading water. Ideally located close to Melbourne this waterfall plunges 30 meters into the spectacular gully of Erskine River. Hopkin Falls Named after the River Hopkins this stunning waterfall is formed by a volcanic eruption. Additionally this is known as the widest falls in Melbourne. Visit the Allegiant Airlines Official Site and get the bookings done with ease.

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