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Published on December 19, 2009

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Why is Windows Registry crucial to your PC’s performance? : Why is Windows Registry crucial to your PC’s performance? The Windows registry is the core of your PC. It is the storehouse of all the crucial files that tell Windows OS how to execute programs and hardware, as well as the varied personal settings you have made in Windows, such as the desktop wallpaper or the mouse speed. Windows Registry : Windows Registry Windows constantly scans the registry as you use your PC so that everything runs properly. Cluttering of Windows registry or any problems with it will severely affect your PC as the registry is critical to your PC's functioning. Having said that the registry very frequently attracts lots of common computer problems. It tends to collect a lot of unwanted, outdated or erroneous files which leads to a substandard PC performance. Windows Registry : Windows Registry You can very easily spot a problem with your registry through any of the following symptoms: Sluggish Performance Slow System boot or shutdown Frequent error pop-ups System crashing or stalling The most dreaded Blue screen Windows Registry : Windows Registry There are several ways that registry can get corrupted or filled with obsolete files. The most common culprit is incomplete uninstallation of software. Lets say you install an exciting new software. During this installation many folders and files are created by the software. Somewhere down the line you get bored and want to uninstall this software. When you use the uninstaller it would most probably skip deletion of those folders and files which were created during the installation. Such files and folders clutter the registry. Windows Registry : Windows Registry Spyware and malware also created certain unwanted files or end up corrupting existing files. This also contributes to registry performance degradation along with the temporary files that are created and then left behind by Windows OS. While the causes for registry problem are numerous these three are the major contributors to your PC problems. Windows Registry : Windows Registry There exists a possiblity to set right the windows registry manually. However I would strongly advise against users tinkering with the registry on their own by hand. If you delete or change any file by mistake this will compound your problems and not reduce them. To err is human so lets not take chances. Windows Registry : Windows Registry To clean your registry of excessive and corrupt files or folders the best and safest solution is to use a windows registry cleaner software. This software is a wonderful application which scans your PC thoroughly and spots the unwanted or corrupt files/folders. These are listed to you neatly as a report. All that you need to do is click on heal/clean button and the software does the rest. What you get is a healed PC which works normally. Windows Registry : Windows Registry A common misconception is that the software may delete some crucial registry files. While is completely false I would suggest that, for your satisfaction, you take a backup of the windows registry before you use the software. As the software works on the most crucial aspect of your PC, the registry, buy the software from a reputed firm with a large customer base. Also check with the provider if the software works on your version of the Windows Windows Registry Cleaner : Windows Registry Cleaner For a Complete Review and comparative Analysis of Various Windows Registry Cleaners , Click Here.

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