VoIP SoftSWITCH Crucial Component of Growing VoIP Businesses

Information about VoIP SoftSWITCH Crucial Component of Growing VoIP Businesses

Published on February 17, 2020

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slide 1: +1 702 200 8967 infovindaloovoip.com VoIP SoftSWITCH: Crucial Component of Growing VoIP Businesses Summary The VoIP softswitch has been a major component of the revolutionary success of the VoIP industry. The different types of VoIP Softswitches have reinforced the VoIP service providers with its next generation features and galore of benefits to run their business successfully. Body In the past few decades the VoIP industry has brought the revolution in the world. The VoIP business is flourishing day and night because of its advanced and cost-effective nature. More and more organizations are alluding by the client-centric benefits offered by the VoIP Voice over IP technology. This success wouldnt be possible if the VoIP industry didnt have the key component and different types of VoIP softswitch to provide the unattainable and robust VoIP services. Due to its flexible nature it has replaced the traditional switch. The VoIP softswitch is a module which has converged a stream of services including audio data video and fax. It enables the connectivity between the different types of network such as the internet conventional telephone wireless cable or any other network. The VoIP softswitch uses the IP technology to provide advanced functioning. It performs various functions such as carrier management routing monitoring billing and reporting. The VoIP softswitch is placed in the center position of any telecommunication network. It provides all core functionalities to the VoIP service provider to offer fluid VoIP services to his customers. The modern Softswitches are software which gets installed on the server side. It can be operated and managed from the user-friendly web interface. The majority of the Softswitches allows remote access which makes it perfect for any business owner. The resellers agents and clients can be managed with the same efficiency from anywhere by remotely accessing the software. Why People are moving towards VoIP Softswitch from traditional switch • It is a complete software solution which eliminates redundant hardware and wiring. • It can be implemented on a general purpose server which eliminates the installation operational and maintenance cost of a dedicated server. • It can handle a range of communication modes such as voice fax media data compared to traditional switch which usually works on voice communication only. • It makes integration seamless between different networks. • It allows providing advanced communication features to clients. • It reinforces unified messaging. slide 2: +1 702 200 8967 infovindaloovoip.com There are different types of VoIP Softswitches available in the market which can aid the business of the telecommunication/ VoIP services provider. The most popular among those are the class 4 and 5 softswitch. Both are briefed below. Class 4 softswitch solution It is the most widely used softswitch which meets all career grade requirements. It is a scalable solution for small to large sized networks. It can route the calls over long distance. As stated by experts it is the best solution for the high peak load and short call duration value-added services. The majority of class 4 switches provide the load balancing and failover functionalities which make it an ideal cutting edge solution. It can work as connecting switch between different networks and/ or other class 4/ 5 switches create a whole VoIP network. Class 5 softswitch solution It is used to provide the sophisticated VoIP services to SOHO Small Offices/ Home Offices. It routes call in relatively small areas between end users. Usually the consumers are equipped with the IP devices such as IP phones to take advantage of the VoIP services. To provide the long-distance calling services the class 5 softswitch is connected with the class 4 switch. VoIP softswitch also comes with an integrated billing module to make business smoother. It benefits the service providers with the benefits like one-time investment reduced maintenance efforts smooth management higher revenue and improved user satisfaction. Author Bio Author works in a company that offers VoIP Solutions. You can get class 4 softswitch hybrid VoIP softswitch and class 5 softswitch solution.

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