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Published on July 29, 2014

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Welcome to Introduction to Biology: Welcome to Introduction to Biology 2014-2015 School year High School Class Expectations Mr. Abdullah, Teacher My Teaching Goals: My Teaching Goals to promote student learning academic success prepare students for the academic rigors of Biology It is important that all students understand the material to the best of their ability Are materials important? YES!: Are materials important? YES! You will be required to complete several projects and activities both in and outside of class . Required Materials: Required Materials 3 Ring Binder ( NO FOLDERS ) Pencils & Pens Planner Index cards Access to the internet Composition or Lab Books G lue Scissors Color Paper Poster Boards Markers General Rules for Class: General Rules for Class First, I’m not your “Ruler”, I am your Teacher! “ No one has the right to interfere with the learning of another.” Be in assigned seat ready to work BEFORE the tardy bell rings. Bring paper, pencil, notebook, and assignments every day More Rules? You bet! : More Rules? You bet! RESPECT YOURSELF and OTHERS . Keep feet and other objects out of the walkway NO form of disruptive behavior will be tolerated Work only on biology in class & don’t close up early Work only on biology in class & don’t close up early leave chairs pushed up & your area clean No gum, food, drinks, or candy may be brought into class DO NOT reach across my desk or use my materials without permission NO credit will be given for work done in ink other than blue, black, or pencil NO cheating will be accepted, be responsible and complete your own work!! Assignments: Assignments Assignments must be complete to receive credit. NO late work or incomplete work will be accepted Name, date, and period must be written neatly in the upper right corner. All assignments must be turned in before leaving school for appointments, field trips, etc in order to receive credit.  YOU are responsible for your own make-up work, so check your folder for all missed work each day and turn in assignments & schedule missed tests the day you return to school. All missed tests & quizzes will be made up before or after school only. Morning times are from 7:30 – 8:15, eveing times are from 3:30 – 4:30. All questions and concerns regarding grades will be addressed before or after school only. Morning times are from 7:30 – 8:15, eveing times are from 3:30 – 4:30. What about Grading?: What about Grading? G rading will occur on various assignments such as: homework, notebooks, projects, presentations, test, quizzes, weekly articles, and participation . Inquiry about grades should be done before/after school/class. Scores will be kept in my computer grade book and most papers will be returned to you. There’s no provision for extra credit, extra work, drop grades, or curved grades.  (You make what you earn ) Grading Scale (Rubric): Grading Scale (Rubric) Homework, worksheets, outlines and some quizzes will count for 6 0% of your grade. Tests, quizzes, labs, projects, and presentations will count for 4 0% of your grade . 100-89.5 = A 89.4-79.5 = B 79.4-69.5 = C   69.4-59.5 = D 59.4 and below = F Let’s Have a Great Year!: Let’s Have a Great Year! I’m excited about the new school year! The start of classes brings for all of us a mix of new experiences, familiar classmates, and new friends ! Let’s learn!

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