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Published on June 30, 2020

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1. WASHABLE FACE MASK FFP2, KN95 & N95 Masks, Fabric face mask, Breathable face mask, Reusable & washable face mask, Cotton face mask, Wholesale face masks USA, Bulk face masks, With & without filter face masks, COVID-19 Protection masks, masks for sale, Handmade face mask,Best & high quality cotton masks. Email: [email protected] Ph: +1 (786) 2091571

2. • Washable facemask's and disposable mask are becoming highly recommended when getting into the general public space by many national governments across the world with the target of #StaySafe #Stay Healthy • Both washable cotton face mask usa and disposable facemask are meant for the commoner and highly recommended for your own safety and people around you when doing all of your regular tasks in . • We can customize the washable facemask supported your specifications too. Available in mixed colours or single prints and lots of colours choices and styles ..with prices ranging from Euro 2.40 per piece

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4. N95 FACE MASK • DETAILS • N95 mouth mask with multi-layer filter technology complies with the GB2626-2006 standard and has the following layers: • 1) Inner layer: Non-woven fabric • 2) Out layer: Non-woven fabric • 3) Filter layer: High-efficiency filter material • 4) Melt-blown cloth

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6. • The N95 mouth masks are equipped with ear elastics and a flexible noseband. Thanks to various combinations of light and durable materials and an integrated filter medium, the N95 mouth mask offers an antibacterial filter effect while the wearer can continue to breathe normally. • The N95 mouth masks are made of hypoallergenic, breathable and absorbent non-woven material, free from natural rubber latex and glass fiber. Suitable for single use for different purposes. • An N95 mask may be worn in one piece until it becomes more difficult to breathe (4-8 hours) or until the mouth mask becomes very wet. Mouth masks - unlike gloves - do not need to be changed when treating several customers in a row.

7. Specifications • Nano filter system • Complies with GB2626-2006 standard • Protection level filtration percentage <= 95% • Not medical • Colour White • Packed: 20 pieces / box (10pcs / bag; 2 bag / box) • Packaging dimensions: 23x15x5cm • Made in Europe....


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