Ways To Use of Henna

Information about Ways To Use of Henna

Published on July 9, 2014

Author: sandramparrish

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Ways to use of henna: By Sandra M. Parrish www.newmehendidesigns.com Ways to use of henna Overview: Henna is the ordinary plant that is used as medication. It is also used as the expected good looks agent. It can used to beautify our hands , used to coloring hair, tattoos etc… In industrial henna is used in cosmetics, hair care products and clothing Overview Overview: Henna is used for the severe diarrhea ,jaundice, enlarged spleen and skin problems. Now-a-days ,people also use henna for severe ulcer . Henna contain the substances which help to fight with certain infections. It may reduce the growth of tumors ,relive pain ,decrease inflammation. Overview Used for Festival: Henna has traditionally been used in carnivals and ceremonies in many parts of the world . In India since ancient times, to tattoo the hands, feet, arms and legs specially during weddings and anniversaries. They can use different style of beautiful mehndi designs based on their traditions. Used for Festival Natural Remedies with henna: Mouth Ulcers: Take 50 grams of henna and boil with warm water and rinse your mouth. It release the pain of mouth ulcers. Feet: If you suffer from the soles scorching of the feet, spread over henna on the soles. Fatigue: By smearing henna on feet, it decreases the pain from tiredness and keep cool as well. Natural Remedies with henna Conclusion: Henna is the natural blessing plant for human beings . Each and every leaves are gives more benefits to the humans. Consumption these leave efficiently and enjoy the full welfares of henna. Conclusion

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