Weather Instruments

Information about Weather Instruments

Published on April 17, 2011

Author: mamakurl



WEATHER INSTRUMENTS: WEATHER INSTRUMENTS Slide 2: Weather Instruments are tools that measure different parts of the weather. They help us make better predictions or forecasts about the weather. Slide 3: Thermometer We use only the Fahrenheit side *The thermometer is used to measure the temperature of the air. It tells us how hot or how cold the air is. 96 32 HOT COLD Slide 4: Barometer A barometer measures the air pressure. This is how much the air weights or how heavy the air feels. High Low * Means sunny nice weather * Means the weather will change. Rainy, colder, gray clouds. Slide 5: Hygrometer A Hygrometer measures the amount of humidity there is or how much moisture (water vapor) there is in the air. Sticky DRY High Low Slide 6: Anemometer An Anemometer measures how fast the wind is blowing 56 mph 5 mph Fast Slow Slide 7: Wind Vane A Wind Vane tells which direction the wind is blowing. It is also called a weather vane. N S E W Slide 8: Rain Gauge A Rain Gauge Measure how much rain has fallen. 6 inches ½ inch A lot of rain A little rain

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