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Published on October 12, 2015

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1. 1 #PI_Social #[email protected] @point_it Get In The Game: Social Advertising Video Platforms Ian Mackie Point it Digital Marketing www.pointit.com 06.23.2015

2. 2 #PI_Social #[email protected] @point_it Housekeeping Slide Additional Q&A addressed and at the end of session A link to view a recorded version of the webinar will be emailed within 48 hours Raise your hand if you are having technical difficulties Hide the chat window Submit question via chat Toolbox Blog on the Point It Website

3. 3 #PI_Social #[email protected] @point_it #PI_Social #videomarketing @socialadditiv 3

4. 4 #PI_Social #[email protected] @point_it About Point It Our Clients Our Services

5. 5 #PI_Social #[email protected] @point_it Today’s Presenter Ian Mackie Point It Digital Marketing Director of Social Advertising Specializes in social media advertising for Point It clients. 5

6. 6 #PI_Social #[email protected] @point_it Agenda 1 2 3 Video Ads: Opportunities & Challenges Battle Royale: Can YouTube retain its dominance? • Video Ads 101 – Facebook, Twitter & YouTube • Identifying Your Target Audience • Reporting: What to Measure & How • Pro Tips Case Studies

7. 7 #PI_Social #[email protected] @point_it Video Is HOT 7

8. 8 #PI_Social #[email protected] @point_it 70% of marketing professionals report that video converts better than any other medium - MarketingProfs 64% of consumers are more likely to buy a product after watching a video about it - ComScore WE’RE CRAZY ABOUT VIDEO 65% of executives have visited a vendor’s site after watching a video - Forbes Toolbox Blog on the Point It Website

9. 9 #PI_Social #[email protected] @point_it Opportunities Online video is now growing faster than any other digital category or subcategory, rising 33 percent in 2014, and is forecast to grow 29 percent a year through 2017 - ZenithOptimedia

10. 10 #PI_Social #[email protected] @point_it eMarketer estimates that digital video ad spending will reach $7.77B this year, up 33.8% from 2014… …by 2019, it could reach $14.38B Opportunities

11. 11 #PI_Social #[email protected] @point_it Challenges Engagement can be low… Sizmek reported that the start rate for [CPG] digital video ads was just 10.0% in 2014 Viewability is major concern… Only 54% of video ads on the web are viewable – Google Rampant Fraud… In a 2014 study, 20 percent of impressions sold were “absolutely fraudulent,” according to Clearstream Video is cool… but video ads? Got Ethics?

12. 12 #PI_Social #[email protected] @point_it MakingSocialWork Targeting Measure- ment Cross- device

13. 13 #PI_Social #[email protected] @point_it YouTube 1

14. 14 #PI_Social #[email protected] @point_it 14 #PI_Social #[email protected] @point_it 1 Billion users and counting… Source: pando.com

15. 15 #PI_Social #[email protected] @point_it 15 #PI_Social #[email protected] @point_it 300 hours of video uploaded every MINUTE Source: marketingland.com

16. 16 #PI_Social #[email protected] @point_it - Global Reach - Powerful targeting - Integration w/ AdWords & Analytics - Remarketing (website & YouTube channel) - Cross-device compatibility - Flexibility – more ad choices than competitors Benefits YouTube - Video resources - Finding the right audience, not the largest audience - Direct Response efforts - Measuring Success - Viewability - Too complex for the average SMB? Challenges

17. 17 #PI_Social #[email protected] @point_it Use it for: awareness first; website traffic second • Runs before another video • Viewers can choose to skip after 5 seconds Pay when: • User watches for 30 seconds, or to end of ad, which ever comes first • Cost per View (CPV) bidding Getting Started: In-Stream (aka pre-roll) YouTube • Upload your own (300x60) • Auto-generated from your Channel Toolbox Blog on the Point It Website

18. 18 #PI_Social #[email protected] @point_it Use it when: increase video and/or YouTube Channel engagement • Ad unit includes image/video thumbnail and supporting text • After clicking on the ad, user lands on video URL or Channel URL Pay when: • User clicks on the ad to watch video (CPC bidding) Getting Started: In-Display YouTube

19. 19 #PI_Social #[email protected] @point_it YouTube - Interests/Topics - Keywords - Placements (channels & specific videos) - In-market (ROI) Targeting •Travel Insurance •Air travel destination •Rick Steves •Lonely Planet •Travel Channel •Travel trips •Travel guides •Texas travel guide •Adventure travel •Luggage & accessories Topics Keywords In-MarketPlacements Bidding - Cost-Per-View (CPV) - Tip: Higher bids does not translate into more traffic

20. 20 #PI_Social #[email protected] @point_it Annotations: add text, links & hotspots to your video Link to: • External website • Another video • Channel Cards: add new level of interactivity to videos Enrich the video experience YouTube

21. 21 #PI_Social #[email protected] @point_it YouTube • Measure everything! - Tag all URLs - Customize view based on KPIs - Performance by segment - Targets/Audiences - Format - Network - Device Reporting & Measurement

22. 22 #PI_Social #[email protected] @point_it - Previous website visits - Previously watched videos - Lookalikes Remarketing Pro Tips - Site usage stats (bounce rate, time on site, pages/visit) - Revenue - Goal completions - Impact on conversions (conversion paths) Analytics

23. 23 #PI_Social #[email protected] @point_it Facebook 2

24. 24 #PI_Social #[email protected] @point_it Brands are choosing Facebook Source: socialbakers

25. 25 #PI_Social #[email protected] @point_it Users engage more with Facebook Source: socialbakers

26. 26 #PI_Social #[email protected] @point_it - Global Reach - Unrivaled targeting - Facebook custom audiences - Cross-device targeting & reporting - Video + Text Benefits Facebook - Video resources - Auto play vs. click-to-play - Direct response - Measuring success - Viewability - Limited ad formats Challenges

27. 27 #PI_Social #[email protected] @point_it Facebook • Use it when: awareness first; website traffic second • Upload directly to Facebook • Choose placement: mobile/desktop and newsfeed/right rail • Pay when: • User watches for >3 seconds • Optimization & Pricing: • Clicks or Views • Let Facebook decide Getting Started Toolbox Blog on the Point It Website

28. 28 #PI_Social #[email protected] @point_it Facebook - Custom Audiences - Remarketing - Lookalikes - Demographics – move far beyond age & gender Targeting •Site visitors •Previous customers •Existing customers •Site visitors •Fans • Used travel app • Planning to travel • Frequent flyers • >$150k income • Net worth > $1M Financial Income & Network Behaviors Custom Audiences Lookalikes

29. 29 #PI_Social #[email protected] @point_it Measure everything! - Tag all URLs - Video Actions report - Auto-play vs. Click- to-play - Clicks vs. Website Clicks - Audiences - Device - Viewing percentages Reporting & Measurement Facebook

30. 30 #PI_Social #[email protected] @point_it Remarketing Pro Tips - Two audiences – 3 second viewers & 95% viewers - Retarget w/ video or other ad format - Need 1000 paid video views in 24-hr period (doesn’t include organic views) Fixed price vs. Auction - Facebook sets the CPM ($8.63 US)

31. 31 #PI_Social #[email protected] @point_it Twitter 3

32. 32 #PI_Social #[email protected] @point_it - Real-time marketing - Influencers, keyword & topic/category targeting - TV targeting - Tailored Audiences - Cross-device compatibility - New “100%” viewability Benefits Twitter - Video resources - Video is relatively new offering - Twitter’s active userbase is relatively low - Limited ad formats - Basic reporting Challenges

33. 33 #PI_Social #[email protected] @point_it Twitter Use it to when: drive awareness first; website traffic second • Upload video file directly to Twitter as a Video Card • CPV bidding model Pay when: • (before 6/16) User starts video • (post 6/16) Videos will autoplay! • Video is 100% in-view on the user’s device • Watched for at least 3 seconds • Pricing • Twitter can optimize for you • Set amount a view is worth Getting Started Toolbox Blog on the Point It Website

34. 34 #PI_Social #[email protected] @point_it Twitter Targeting •Site visitors •Previous customers •Existing customers •Site visitors •Fans • Travel services • Frequent flyers • Business travel • @RickSteves • @Lonelyplanet • @tripadvisor Followers Behaviors Tailored Audiences Lookalikes

35. 35 #PI_Social #[email protected] @point_it - Tag all URLs - Video Actions report - @Handles - Device - Played to - Video Analytics - Earned vs. Paid views - Total minutes viewed - Retention rates Reporting & Measurement Twitter

36. 36 #PI_Social #[email protected] @point_it Pro Tips 1. Include 2. Exclude Target only lookalikes of converters Let Twitter bid for you Experiment with pacing

37. 37 #PI_Social #[email protected] @point_it Case Study Goal: Primary: Awareness Secondary: Sales Channels: YouTube, Facebook & Twitter Ads Results: Microsoft Store – Dell XPS product launch Channel Views CPV Avg % viewed View rate Facebook 139,587 $0.04 26% 25% YouTube 172,460 $0.07 15% 19% Twitter 1,130 $0.88 35% 1% Channel Website Clicks CPC CTR* Add to Cart Facebook 1654 $3.28 1.18% 44 YouTube 4205 $2.90 2.44% 121 Twitter 53 $18.87 4.69% 3 Go for the sale: Facebook remarketing Users who watched all or part of video Last-click ROAS of 1298%

38. 38 #PI_Social #[email protected] @point_it Questions? Mobile Madness: Micro-Moments and Mobile Conversion July 15th @ 11:00am Register at pointit.co/1BKGA8t (case sensitive) A link to view a recorded version of the webinar will be emailed within 48 hours! REGISTER FOR OUR NEXT WEBINAR: M

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