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Published on October 12, 2015

Author: PI_Marketing

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1. 1 @EvBarocas @sjshingu#PI_Programmatic #digitalmarketing Myths & Realities of Programmatic Display Point it Digital Marketing www.pointit.com 05.12.2015

2. 2 @EvBarocas @sjshingu#PI_Programmatic #digitalmarketing Housekeeping Slide Additional Q&A addressed and at the end of session A link to view a recorded version of the webinar will be emailed within 48 hours Raise your hand if you are having technical difficulties Hide the chat window Submit question via chat Toolbox Blog on the Point It Website

3. 3 @EvBarocas @sjshingu#PI_Programmatic #digitalmarketing #PI_Display #digitalmarketing @EvBarocas @sjshingu 3

4. 4 @EvBarocas @sjshingu#PI_Programmatic #digitalmarketing About Point It Our Clients Our Services

5. 5 @EvBarocas @sjshingu#PI_Programmatic #digitalmarketing Today’s Presenters Evan Barocas Point It Digital Marketing Senior Account Manager - Display About Presenter Passionate about effective marketing, eight year stint in national politics, and a deep knowledge of media planning and optimization. @EvBarocas Sherveen Shingu Point It Digital Marketing Ad Operations Manager About Presenter Digital marketing specialist and analytics practitioner. Blends SEM, Analytics and programmatic display to achieve client goals @sjshingu 5

6. 6 @EvBarocas @sjshingu#PI_Programmatic #digitalmarketing Benefit #1 The right message, to the right people at the right time for the right price. Benefit #2 New customers need to come from somewhere. Fill up your funnel with your best customers. Why Programmatic Ad Buying?

7. 7 @EvBarocas @sjshingu#PI_Programmatic #digitalmarketing Agenda 1 2 3 Definitions The Ecosystem The Myths & Realities 4 Questions & Answers

8. 8 @EvBarocas @sjshingu#PI_Programmatic #digitalmarketing 1. Definitions

9. 9 @EvBarocas @sjshingu#PI_Programmatic #digitalmarketing A few definitions: In plain English: Programmatic buying is a method of cost effectively connecting an advertiser with a desired user while they are browsing the internet. Toolbox Blog on the Point It Website

10. 10 @EvBarocas @sjshingu#PI_Programmatic #digitalmarketing • Inventory Source: Where we are serving the impression: Desktop, Mobile, Social, Video • Remanent Inventory: A publisher's leftover inventory. Typically, this is leftover from a direct buy and publishers push the remnant inventory to Real Time Bidding (RTB) platforms (or exchanges). Inventory Definition – Part 1

11. 11 @EvBarocas @sjshingu#PI_Programmatic #digitalmarketing • DSP: Demand-side is also another way of saying Advertiser-side or buy-side. An Advertiser-side platform automates media buying across multiple sources with unified targeting, data, optimization and reporting. • SSP:A technology platform with the single mission of enabling publishers to manage their ad impression inventory and maximize revenue from digital media. Platforms Definition – Part 2

12. 12 @EvBarocas @sjshingu#PI_Programmatic #digitalmarketing • Ad Exchange: Technology platforms for buying and selling online ad impressions. Exchanges represent organizations beyond ad networks as defined by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB). • Ad Network: A company that connects websites that want to host ads (i.e., Publishers) with advertisers who want to run ads. See Also: Ad Exchange • Real Time Bidding (RTB): A dynamic bidding methodology for remnant inventory where impressions are bidded on in real time. Exchanges & Bidding Definition – Part 3

13. 13 @EvBarocas @sjshingu#PI_Programmatic #digitalmarketing 2. The Ecosystem

14. 14 @EvBarocas @sjshingu#PI_Programmatic #digitalmarketing The Ecosystem

15. 15 @EvBarocas @sjshingu#PI_Programmatic #digitalmarketing Why an Agency? • Cost • Transparency Toolbox Blog on the Point It Website • Expertise • Service

16. 16 @EvBarocas @sjshingu#PI_Programmatic #digitalmarketing 2. The Myths and Realities

17. 17 @EvBarocas @sjshingu#PI_Programmatic #digitalmarketing 17 It’s the same bang for your buck as the Google Display Network MYTH:

18. 18 @EvBarocas @sjshingu#PI_Programmatic #digitalmarketing for your buck as the Google Display Network It’s too expensive to run those types of campaigns MYTH:

19. 19 @EvBarocas @sjshingu#PI_Programmatic #digitalmarketing 19 Isn’t programmatic ad buying just banner ads? MYTH:

20. 20 @EvBarocas @sjshingu#PI_Programmatic #digitalmarketing Conclusion • Feed the funnel • Programmatic helps Search – Search helps programmatic • Have an insider guide you through the complexities and help you maximize performance Just remember… 100%of Point It clients that try programmatic ad buying, KEEP USING programmatic ad buying.

21. 21 @EvBarocas @sjshingu#PI_Programmatic #digitalmarketing Questions? Fun & Profit with Dynamic Ads May 20th @ 11:00am Register at pointit.co/dynamicads A link to view a recorded version of the webinar will be emailed within 48 hours! NEXT WEBINAR: D

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