Webinar On Root Cause Analysis Shutting Down the Alligator Farm

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Published on July 9, 2014

Author: suzzanedmello73

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PowerPoint Presentation: C on ta c t Us: 4 1 6 - 9 1 5 - 4 4 5 8 W e E m power, Y o u C o m ply! T o r egister f or this w ebi n ar https://compliancetrainings.com/siteengine/Login.aspx Webinar D e s c r i p t i o n : Webinar On Root Cause Analysis - Shutting Down the Alligator Farm Pr oduct Id FDB1360 Categ o r y Food, Drugs & Biologics S chedu l ed O n Wednesday, July 30, 2014 at 13:00 Hrs D u r ati o n 90 Minutes S pe a k e r Anthony J DeMarinis This webinar is applicable to all levels as it covers underlying principles (which are often overlooked in basic and intermediate courses) in a simplified format that does not require previous familiarity with using the tools. A well-functioning Corrective Action program is important to any organization, particularly in a regulated industry. However, many organizations find that the number of problems encountered each month remains about the same. This is a symptom of a deeper root cause that eludes most investigations. A thorough understanding of Root Cause Analysis (RCA) is necessary to identify the deeper causes and break this cycle. RCA is an important prerequisite for correcting problems. However, there is still much confusion and many problems continue to recur. This webinar will use thoughtful discussion, humorous analogies and case studies to distinguish between the true root cause and other common imposters. Emphasis will be placed on realizing system interactions and cultural environment that often lies at the root of the problem and prevents true root cause analysis. PowerPoint Presentation: Area Covered in Session How the organizational environment encourages problems Role of Management and system interactions in causing problems Use of quality tools and the scientific method Distinguishing between assignable causes, enabling factors and root causes Case study examples Root Cause Analysis Methods & Practical Applications Moving from a reactive to a proactive environment Who Will Benefit: This webinar will benefit any organization or association that wants to improve the effectiveness of their CAPA and failure investigation efforts. The staff who would immensely benefit include: QA Managers and Engineers Manufacturing Managers and Engineers Consultants Quality System Auditors Executives and Managers responsible for investigating and solving problems Price Tags Live Single Live : For One Participant $ 249 Corporate Live : For Max. 10 Participants $ 899 Recording Single REC : For One Participant - Unlimited Access for 6 Months $ 299 PowerPoint Presentation: S p e a k er P ro f il e : To know more visit https://compliancetrainings.com/SiteEngine/ProductDetailView.aspx?id=FDB1360 Tony DeMarinis has BS degrees in Biology & Microbiology and a MS in Quality Management. He is currently an independent Consultant specializing in Sterilization, Quality Systems, Auditing, and other Quality Management issues in the medical device and pharmaceutical industries. Previously, Tony was Director of QA/RA at Tunstall Americas for electronic monitoring devices, Quality Manager at Sealed Air for medical packaging, Quality Systems Manager at Davol for implants and surgical devices, Director of Quality Assurance at Scott Laboratories for in-vitro diagnostics and Sr. Microbiologist at the National Cancer Institute. He is recognized as a Fellow by the American Society for Quality, and he is a Certified Quality Auditor, BioMedical Auditor, Six Sigma Black Belt, Pharmaceutical GMP Professional and Manager for Quality and Organizational Excellence. He also teaches the refresher courses for the CQA and CMQ/OE certification programs through the local ASQ sections. Tony has over 25 years' experience using quality management techniques and value added auditing including the use of Failure Investigation and Root Cause Analysis to improve processes and products.

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