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Published on August 9, 2014

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PowerPoint Presentation: Women Empowerment cell “Empowerment of Women is nothing but, Capability / Freedom to take her own decisions regarding Social, Financial and political issues without anybodies interference” The main aim of this cell is to create awareness of Women Empowerment among the Girl students, importance of the Women equality in the society, and alsoGender sensitization among the students and Public. PowerPoint Presentation: Gender Equality and Moral Ethics PowerPoint Presentation: A nation's progress and prosperity can be judged by the way it treats its women folk It is impossible to think about the welfare of the world unless the condition of women is improved - Swami Vivekananda PowerPoint Presentation: Gender Equality is not a Women’s issue, It is a Human Issue. It affects us All…… 2/3 rd of World’s work , But 1/3 rd of Pay Less than 1% of property. 70% of Illiterates, 3/4 World refuges. 61% of people living with HIV 70% of crime victims, 535 fetal Deaths per Day. Clarifying “Equality”: Clarifying “ Equality ” Equality does not mean, “ We all get the same treatment. ” This would often be unfair and unreasonable. Special needs at all levels must be taken care and protected Equality means , “ Treating them according to their limitations(Brain conditions) ” PowerPoint Presentation: Women have to be treated more equally because ……………. PowerPoint Presentation: Gender-Linked Psychological Differences “ Due to social dominance ” Female Male 1. Learned Helplessness 1. feel mastery 2. Have higher expectations of 2. more confident failure and lower self-confidence 3. Attribute their success to luck 3. Success-Ability 4. feminine & dependent 4.Masculine & Independent 5. More Emotional 5. Rational 6. Illogical due to insecurity 6. Logical 7. Scattered thoughts 7. Organised 8. Socially trained tobe submissive 8. Taught to be Dominant PowerPoint Presentation: SO, MEN ARE SMARTER THAN WOMEN BECAUSE THEIR BRAINS ARE BIGGER No doubt that Men’s Brain is 12% bigger than that of women If you think in the Same logic Elephants and Whales are supposed to be more intelligent than Man, Is it really true ……. PowerPoint Presentation: But The Actual Facts are ……… PowerPoint Presentation: Women 70% of the rural youth are inspired by women role models. 70% learning process is more if teaching instructor is a female. 20% more decision making power 30% more work efficiency observed in body sense organelles function. Can use 13,000 more words per day when compared to men. Can work continuously for 15 hrs without taking any rest, where as men can work only for 4hrs with out rest. Can handle three different types of work at a time (Multiple tasking), men can do only one work at a time. PowerPoint Presentation: The Brain Map of Male And Female PowerPoint Presentation: Due to Brain Structural advantage of Women Multi tasking is highly possible for only women. Due more development in verbal region of brain Vocabulary is enormous for Women. She can identify 30% more color shades than Men. As both hemispheres are functional at a time she can work continuously for hours together. 20% better in Vision when compare to men. 30% better in Problem Solving. 20% more Memory when compare to men. Women excel in fine Arts and non verbal gestures. Highly Emotionally attached to each and every thing. PowerPoint Presentation: Due to production of Estrogen hormone and high dimensions of Brain, as she is involved in multi tasking always , if disturbed socially or not supported properly……… Women will be always in a the state of confusion, insecurity and frustration. Women will not be able to utilize their brain systematically and properly. If supported and cared from childhood…….. A Woman can do Miracles to change the entire world. PowerPoint Presentation: What Sorts of Learning Environments are Best for Girls? Based on research it has been suggested that the best learning environments for girls is one, which includes the following ideas: Girls need to be recognized as being kind and helpful members of the class and school community. Use of teaching techniques in which verbal structure and clues are important. Use of sensory stimuli would be of benefit. Greater focus on indoor activities Greater focus on communication skills in both teaching and learning Emphasis on reading materials for gathering information Quiet environments where emphasis is on individual learning for pleasure PowerPoint Presentation: So Now it is known fact that women has to be treated more Equally for betterment of the society PowerPoint Presentation: As a responsible citizen of the society I vote for GENDER EQUALITY What about U ………… Spread this message to society as you are only the FUTURE BUILDER PowerPoint Presentation: MORAL ETHICS YOU should be ………… PUNCTUAL in attending classes, SINCERE in doing home works HONEST in writing exams LOYAL to the college property JUDICIAL to utilize time & Library SELFISH in increasing college name and fame, Positive in approach RESPECT your Parents, elders teachers and Seniors Be DETERMINED to reach your DESTINATION . SELF DECIPLINED to fulfill the Dreams of parents. PowerPoint Presentation: Value Education plays major role in making you to become more responsible citizen Which is being taught only in Government colleges Spread this message to the society Strengthen The Public Funded Education Systems `: ` THANK YOU By SUJANA PAPANI Lecturer in Botany P V K N Govt College, Chittoor .

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