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Published on January 13, 2017

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1. WELCOME TO AUTONOMOUS LIVING [email protected]® 2017 Insights

2. “Whether you are a self-professed geek or you think that you’re a luddite, there’s some transformative technology that will be unveiled or iterated upon this week that can really impact your life in a positive way.” Jesse Chambers, AOL iBrands

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6. #CES2017 Insights

7. Our industry has talked about autonomous driving for years now. But that concept expands to what I think is the most fascinating part of this year’s Consumer Electronics Show: autonomous living. It’s the idea that technology can tell us what we need—and help us get it—before we even realize it. Amazon’s Alexa has served as the ultimate gateway, with millions in sales this year. Ultimately, the world of autonomous living is getting here faster than a lot of people predicted. And that means marketers need to get to work. When all is said and done, as marketers our goal for connecting with consumers starts with identifying and creating the right value exchange, and then ensuring that we adapt our interactions around right time, right place. Autonomous living can and will take that to the next level. And perhaps the most exciting thing about it is this: with all the advancements we’ve already seen, this is still just the beginning. Cindy Gustafson, NA Chief Strategy Officer, Mindshare (via Mediapost) Welcome to the World of Autonomous Living

8. Data is the glue for everything from connected devices to machine learning and more. AI was everywhere to be seen, across almost every vertical. AI it seems, is truly the vehicle to bring big data to life in a tangible way. For example, Amazon’s Alexa is now integrated into the operating systems of several large auto manufacturers; it can also be found in phones and TVs that we saw on the show floor, and they just signed a home security deal with ADT. AI really enables you to make sense out of the vast amount of data that exists in the world today, creating use cases that are valuable to consumers. It’s incredible to see how quickly consumers have taking to freeform communicating with machines, something that truly offers further utility and application to consumers and businesses alike. We also saw a lot of technology on the show floor that analyzes your emotions. There’s already a lot out there that can measure steps or how many calories you’ve burned, but about what achieving your emotional goals? If you think about how brands can positively impact someone’s life, doing so with that kind of data can be a powerful thing. Rolf Olsen, NA Chief Data Officer, Mindshare Data is the Glue

9. To back up: the first wave was all about desktop computers. The second wave about mobile. And now, the third is the world of connected everything and adaptive mobility. While there was plenty to see regarding the IoT last year, this year a lot of those products have truly evolved. You can program your dishwasher through an app and then automatically order more detergent through Amazon Dash. You can communicate with your family through a dashboard on your refrigerator, set expiration dates for food, and re-order through Instacart. A camera in your nursery can monitor and track your baby’s breathing —and alert you if anything changes or stops. A smart breast pump gives mom back her hands and tracks the process for her. As far as voice recognition goes, Amazon certainly took the lead. But it’d be a mistake to ignore the other players in the space as well—for one, Google also announced voice recognition integrations with things like cars, televisions, and lights. Despite the buzz, CES wasn’t just about individual brands – instead, the sum of its parts are bringing to life a connected world long in the making. The smart home is coming, and brands need to be ready. In part for the frictionless shopping experiences that it will bring, but also for the simple ability to make people’s lives easier and just more pleasant through customized, adaptive experiences. Jeff Malmad, NA Life+ Lead, Mindshare The Third Wave of Digital Marketing Crested at CES 2017

10. LIFE+ FROM THE SHOW FLOOR The Link AKC smart collar is like a Fitbit for your pooch. It measures activity levels and temperatures to report how happy and healthy your dog really is, and it’s also a GPS tracker that tells you where your pup is at all times via the app. Google's Tilt Brush is a virtual reality tool that allows a person to paint with light that stays where that person puts it for viewers to see wearing a Virtual Reality Headset. Olly is a desktop robot that flips up vertically and is covered with gently pulsating LEDs, that combines personality, movement and interaction. The deep learning capabilities of Olly give each bot a unique personality that develops over time to mimic the personality of its owner.

11. LIFE+ FROM THE SHOW FLOOR Turner Sports focused on eSports, which is poised to become a billion dollar industry in 2019. eSports has an audience of incredibly engaged fans and the release of new technologies will only help its growth in the coming year. Crazybaby has the world's first true auto levitating wireless speaker with integrated sub woofer and 360 Hi-Fi Sound stereo projections. Pairing two Mars systems creates a four speaker surround sound. Mars is also packed with numerous unique features. HoloActive Touch gives drivers the image of the holographic, full-colour display is generated by reflections, appearing as a free-floating form within the interior rather than a projection on the windscreen.

12. This year, more than ever, physical shopping has blurred with digital experiences - and that's a trend that we saw throughout CES 2017. There's so much to be excited about - everything from the proliferation of voice activated programs, to the growth of chatbots an AI, to the implications of Amazon Go for creating a frictionless consumer shopping experience. At CES this year, what stood out to me wasn't necessarily new products, but rather the key improvements and evolution for these kinds of concepts and how they're making a much larger impact on the space. That said, ultimately for brands, any new activation that you launch should be tied back to a larger, more long-term proposition. And all retailers need to become more omni-channel, no matter where you started - that's what we're really going to see more of. For example, Amazon is opening a bookstore in New York. Macy's had to close stores to focus on their e-commerce business. Now, more than ever, we'll see retailers working to balance both a great digital strategy and a unique in-store presence. Joe Migliozzi, NA Shop+ Lead, Mindshare Upending The Retail Experience

13. SHOP+ FROM THE SHOW FLOOR LG has introduced a new refrigerator powered by the webOS smart platform, with a number of features provided by Amazon’s Alexa Alexa enables consumers to search recipes, request music, place Prime- eligible orders from Amazon.com, and add items to a shopping list. Ford has teamed up with Amazon to bring Alexa into its cars.The integration will let Ford users with SYNC 3 access Alexa, Amazon's cloud-based voice service, inside the car to do things like check the weather, play audiobooks, add items to shopping lists, and even control Alexa enabled smart home devices. YI’s Erida drone tricopter was developed with Atlas Dynamics. Made of light-yet-strong carbon fiber, YI says the tricopter can reach speeds of up to 75 mph (120 kph) and stay in the air for up to 40 minutes. A technology that could have an impact on e-commerce delivery solutions.

14. SHOP+ FROM THE SHOW FLOOR Vive Tracker brings any real-world object into your virtual world. It’s a small attachment that adds motion tracking to any third-party accessory. The implications for virtual retail shopping are very exciting. DWS Labs featured 3D printer XFAB, accelerating a manufacturing revolution that is already impacting on industrial sectors and our daily habits: from aerospace to automotive, from medical and dental to consumer goods, from fashion to engineering. Cerevo VR haptic feedback shoes, Taclim, generates the sense of stepping on the ground in virtual spaces (desert, grassland, water etc.), brings you the sense of wearing shoes worn by the virtual character and brings a sense of touch.

15. There’s so much here that can inform the way we create adaptive content—from using voice commands, to gesture and eye control, to open APIs that bring in all sorts of information that can inform the content that you see. We have the opportunity to bring viewers and consumers to a place where it’s almost like they’re the conductors of what we’re bringing them, creating their own content experiences that are tailored to them, in the best way possible. There’s a tremendous amount of new experiences and stories that you can tell in these mediums—but it’s definitely not a one- size-fits-all. Finally…it’s time to find some new creative voices. It’s been very interesting to see what big Hollywood directors are doing with VR, but brands should also take their cues from software developers, video game creators— what they can show us with this technology is just as interesting as what J.J. Abrams would do with it. Greg Manago, NA Co-President Content+ Entertainment, Mindshare The New Content Experience

16. CONTENT+ FROM THE SHOW FLOOR Lego just unveiled Boost, a clever kit that introduces programming and a touch of tech to the bricks you grew up. Kids, and kids at heart, can attach any Lego bricks to Bluetooth-enabled programmable motors and sensors. Legos is leading the way for kids to become adept at content creation and coding. Under Armour sleepwear is equipped with a soft bio-ceramic print, which produces far infrared energy when combined with the body’s natural heat. We see technology reaching into more and more aspects of our lives which can potentially lead to even more specifically curated/tailored content. LG Wallpaper TV is just 1/10 of an inch thick with the panel barely thicker than a piece of cardboard. Its bezel is nearly nonexistent, creating the effect of a picture that simply emanates from the wall.

17. CONTENT+ FROM THE SHOW FLOOR SmartyPans uses voice commands, weight and temperature sensors along with an app to provide you with nutritional information about the food you're cooking. While current AR gear is focused on industrial use, the ODG AR glasses from Osterhout Design Group is pitched at consumers. The main attraction is a 40-degree field- of-view HD screen that appears to hover right in front of your eyes. The Project Ariana gaming projector by Razer won official "Best Gaming" show honors. Project Ariana takes environmental information from within a videogame and intelligently projects it around a room.

18. [email protected]® 2017 http://www.mindshareintheloop.com/ces2017/ CES® is a registered trademark of the Consumer Electronics Association. Mindshare is not affiliated with or endorsed by CES or the Consumer Electronics Association.

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