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Published on July 29, 2014

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PowerPoint Presentation: West River Academy Here at West River Academy, we work with you to design a program that provides an education tailored to your children's needs. That’s why we’ve become a leading national and international school for all grade levels. Our graduates have been accepted by colleges and universities in the US and elsewhere, as well as by all branches of the US military. Albertson College of Idaho Naropa University California Baptist University University of Hawaii University of Colorado Benedictine College Upon receipt of the registration and fees, we will send you an official confirmation of enrollment in West River Academy and begin to work with you to set up a program. PowerPoint Presentation: General Information West River Academy is an international fully accredited independent private school in California, with a location in Colorado. It is for families who desire the benefits of private school enrollment AND minimal oversight over their educational activities. Families may use the curriculumof their choice, or use no curriculum. You may receive assistance from us in designing or choosing a program and learning style that fits your children's needs. The benefits of enrolling students in West River Academy are: You will not need to notify your local school district of your educational program. (This applies to most states; check your state laws.) You will not be required by West River Academy to test or evaluate at the end of the school year. Instead, you are asked to submit a year-end report on your children's activities, studies and progress over the year. You will pay only for the services you require. You can schedule consultations whenever desired with an experienced homeschooling and unschooling specialist. Students can receive official private school transcripts with grade promotion for use in entering a different school.Students can receive a high school diploma from a fully accredited private high school. Students' previous school records will be obtained and retained by West River Academy while they are enrolled in the Academy. PowerPoint Presentation: High School Diploma Program West River Academy offers students the opportunity to graduate from an accredited private academy.* The High School Diploma Program is 6 months long. You can start it anytime during your final year of high school. Most students start on November 1 and graduate May 15. Please keep in mind that if you start in one academic year and graduate in the following year, you will have to pay for enrollment for both years. West River Academy does not require that a transcript be issued after completion of the Diploma Program. The Program is more akin to a rite of passage to adulthood than an accumulation of credits. There is no credit requirement for graduation. A transcript is optional. Submit a PARENTAL ENDORSEMENT if you are under 21 years old. This is a one-sentence statement signed by your parent(s) that they believe you are ready to graduate. It should be submitted after your final monthly report. It can be emailed or mailed. Submit the courses, credits and letter grades for your FINAL TRANSCRIPT on an Excel spreadsheet template that will be emailed to you. You can find ideas for Course Names to use. We will work with you to produce the final transcript. We will send it to the colleges and employers of your choice. We will send your transcript to any school, college or employer at any time for no extra fee. There is no limit to the number of transcripts or how far into the future your request is. Please go to our Transcripts and Grade Reports for help in making your transcript. PowerPoint Presentation: For more information please visit our site http://www.westriveracademy.com

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