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Published on August 5, 2014

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What Every Great Business Consultant Needs: Andréa Coutu Consultant Journal What Every Great Business Consultant Needs Consultant Needs Introduction: Consultant Needs Introduction For running a consulting business, there's no shortage of things to get together. People often get laptops,business cards, printers and memberships. But that’s not really what it takes to be a great business consultant. Consultant Needs Introduction: Consultant Needs Introduction A business consultant know their success relies on upon more than working through a checklist. They know it takes a great technique – and delivery. A business consultant needs to have: Confidence Credibility Marketing system Organized invoicing Contracts A solution-oriented approach Consultant Needs Confidence: Consultant Needs Confidence To make it as a business consultant, you need confidence. Confidence will keep you from wasting time on fussing over every choice. If you haven’t got built-in confidence, you can build some by using strong plans, systems and tools – and by picking work and customers that really make your heart sing. Consultant Needs Credibility : Consultant Needs Credibility By building your credibility, you can get your business on the path to success. Some ways to get your credibility building started include writing articles, speaking at vents, getting quoted in the media, sharing testimonials and making use of referrals from people who champion the work you do. You can start small. Even a few articles on your own website can help you take the first step. Consultant Needs Business marketing system: A good marketing system can help you identify and qualify prospective clients, then secure them as clients – in a relationship-based way that fits with your values and theirs. By planning your marketing programs and putting in places marketing tools that help develop and nurture client relationships, you’ll be on your way to a stronger business. Consultant Needs Business marketing system Consultant Needs Organized invoicing: Effective consultants have a system for managing all their financial records and payments. If you’re running a business but not following through to get paid, all you really have is a business-y hobby! So get a good invoicing system in place, so that you’re bringing in money, not working for free. Consultant Needs Organized invoicing Consultant Needs Contracts: Too many business consultants depend on handshakes and verbal understandings or obscure and inadequately composed contracts. Get a firm contract in plain language. Make sure to note fees, scope of work, due dates, deliverables and other key points of interest. Even if you feel like you have a great relationship with your client or you’re doing work with a friend, a formal contract – which doesn’t have to be long – can help you keep things clear and secure. Consultant Needs Contracts Consultant Needs A solution-oriented approach: Business consultants do best when they really understand their client’s requirements and create results that give true value to their clients. Business consulting, like other services, is a really intangible thing. People can’t see and touch many consulting services, so clients sometimes feel unsure what they’re buying. So take time to understand your client’s problems and develop a proposal that shows how you’ll create a solution that addresses their key problems and pains and move them to an identified better place – and describe the value they say that will provide. Then do it. Consultant Needs A solution-oriented approach FREE HELP For your consulting business: Visit ConsultantJournal.com for free tips, tools and articles – whether you want to become a consultant or grow an existing business. FREE HELP For your consulting business

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