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Published on January 12, 2019

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slide 1: What is IV Hydration Therapy What is Hydration One of the best things you can do for your body is to maintain proper hydration at all times. Water is one of the six essential nutrients that humans need to survive. Water is so important because it is used in every cell to support physical mental and everyday performance. We usually think of hydration during the hot summer months when you’re doing sports or other strenuous activities or when you are so thirsty that you need a drink right away. But the reality is that proper hydration is important even when you’re not feeling the effects of a hot day or after running a mile at the gym – proper hydration is necessary at all times to maintain your bodily systems including your brain functions working at their best. Although hydration is fundamental to proper health and even survival sometimes maintaining proper hydration is not as simple as drinking water. If you’re not properly hydrated and no action is taken to reverse fluid loss this can lead to dehydration. Instances when drinking water alone is not enough to maintain or re-establish hydration is when you are ill such as when slide 2: one is suffering from a hangover food poisoning gastrointestinal illness or even the flu. During these times of illness and physical imbalance one’s body is under a large amount of stress and needs hydration for recovery. When drinking water alone is not sufficient for hydration IV Therapy Intravenous Therapy is a safe and efficient option for getting essential fluids back into your system – fast. To support fluids to all of your major organs instantly an IV infusion also known as IV Drip is the best option to provide your body with optimum hydration. To avoid dehydration or to rehydrate faster a Recovery IV Treatment can help you recover faster. What is Dehydration Dehydration is when your body is using more fluids than it is receiving. This can adversely affect normal functions. It’s been noted by several medical studies that people who are pregnant have diabetes have a heart disease or other medical conditions are all at risk of becoming dehydrated quicker. But every human at any age group regardless of physical health or any level of medical conditions can become dehydrated. Every cell in the human body is composed of water if not enough water is in your system this will cause severe problems and can potentially lead to systems to start shutting down if the body is not hydrated quickly. You can usually reverse mild to moderate dehydration by drinking more fluids but severe dehydration needs immediate medical treatment. Even mild dehydration can cause serious side effects. Thirst is the first indicator of fluid loss. Usually by the time you’re thirsty you are already entering the first stages of dehydration. Symptoms of dehydration include dry mouth and tongue lack of tears/dry eyes no urination for prolonged times extreme thirst fatigue dizziness confusion and even sleeplessness. Is IV Therapy just water However water alone is not the way to rehydrate. At IV Division a Miami-based IV therapy service specializing in at-home rehydration IV drips our IV therapy is specially formulated to rebalance your body with the essential electrolytes and key minerals necessary for proper body function. In fact consuming extremely large amounts of water alone h2o either by drinking or intravenously can have its own adverse and dangerous effects on the body. That is why the IV solution must be properly balanced for best results. “Our IV infusions are formulated to provide balance to your system and aid in recovery” said the owner and chief medical officer Dr. Jarred Mait. “We ensure this by using IV fluids that are medically engineered with the proper percentages of sodium potassium and dextrose to ensure we maintain proper electrolyte balances.” slide 3: When to See a Doctor At IV Division each and every one of our IV treatments is medically monitored by Dr. Jarred Mait. At the time of the appointment the IV drips are administered by highly skilled nurses or doctors in the comfort of your home or hotel room. You should consult a doctor and seek an IV infusion when you start experiencing any symptoms of dehydration and importantly more so when you cannot keep fluids down during such instances as suffering from a hangover a food poisoning or other gastrointestinal problems that cause vomiting or diarrhea. During these times it is crucial to get hydration fast to aid in recovery as you’re already in a state of dehydration. What happens during an IV Hydration Treatment Your first step is to book an appointment. Next within an hour of confirming your appointment a nurse or doctor will be at your bedside to administer the fluids and electrolytes your body needs to heal. The IV treatment itself takes about 30-45 minutes. If you are severely dehydrated and are an adult we recommend you have two bags of IV solution – each bag is one liter each. Our medical professional will remain with you closely monitoring the IV at all times to ensure the rate of absorption is right for you. slide 4: Can IV Therapy be used as a prevention Absolutely. Prevention is key to avoiding the worst effects of dehydration. IV Therapy is safe to use as a preventative health method to maintain wellness. If you have a vacation coming up a marathon a sporting event or a big life event like a wedding book an appointment for IV Hydration drip to ensure you are well hydrated for the big event. Since hydration is a building block for wellness even if you don’t have a major event happening you can benefit from added hydration. In fact our busy lives sometimes make it difficult to drink the recommended daily eight glasses of water or eat enough fruits and veggies to stay healthy. Chronic dehydration even mild dehydration can cause havoc to your health and even affect your energy levels and sleep patterns. So next time you’re suffering from dehydration make an appointment with an IV therapist for a formulation that is customized to your needs.

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