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Published on August 8, 2014

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What is PMI Certification?: What is PMI Certification? Overview: Overview Project management is a growing, competitive field. U tilizing all the resources available to beginner project practitioners as well as seasoned project managers will help individuals and businesses thrive with clear objectives and distinct results. We’ll cover who sets the standards of project management excellence and the certification needed to be considered a knowledgeable, disciplined project manager candidate. Who is PMI?: Who is PMI? Founded in 1969, the Project Management Institute, or PMI, sets the bar within the project management profession, with the goal of making project management a vital asset in a business’s ability to thrive and see results. Focused on education, research and networking, PMI certifications are the standard for project management excellence. Multiple Certifications: Multiple Certifications We’ll be focusing on PMI’s first credential offered, the Project Management Profession (PMP), as well as the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM). PMI has a breadth of credentials and certifications, depending on your needs within the project management profession. CAPM Certification: CAPM Certification The first step in project m anagement excellence is demonstrating that you know the fundamentals of effectively leading a team, including the terminology and processes. A CAPM certification signifies that you are prepared and have immersed yourself in the challenging project m anagement arena. This certification also stands for dedication to the process. A CAPM certificate is perfect for project practitioners with less experience looking to take on more responsibility and a leadership role. PMP Certification: PMP Certification A PMP certificate signifies the project m anager’s ability to adeptly and effectively handle an array of challenges when directing a project. Also, they are expected to have the confidence and experience to realize the best solutions for their team and keep projects on track. Recognized globally, a PMP certified project m anager is in-demand for their leadership skills and proven ability to be stalwart on high-level projects. PMP candidates need several hours of experience and a degree before qualifying to take the exam. Why Get PMI Certified?: Why Get PMI Certified? Project management is an in-demand profession; having the top certification gives you the ultimate edge against the competition. Also, certification indicates you are capable of performing at the highest level – this, of course, can mean greater incentives and increased pay. Besides the monetary and competitive benefits, a PMI certification can better prepare you for the challenges of leading a demanding, high-yielding project. Business Benefits of Certification: Business Benefits of Certification Consider this, a credentialed project manager is used on 80% of high-performing projects, according to a PriceWaterhouseCooper survey from 2007. A more knowledgeable and disciplined project team with both structured training and real-world experience are some of the key advantages. Also, because PMI certification is widely recognized as the standard in quality, effective project management, having credentialed project managers gives a business a competitive edge in terms of service and resources. Choosing A Training Program: Choosing A Training Program The very first step to choosing PMI certification training classes is to make sure your program specializes in the exact exam you want to take. You want an expert in the field with time-tested results and positive reviews. Also, check their list of clients – if they are industry leaders, you know are you are on the right path. In terms of quality, the number one thing to look for when choosing a program is what the program emphasizing. You want a program that focuses on applicable skills, not just passing the exam. Contact Us: Contact Us Project Management Training Class is an expert at teaching students the breadth of project management knowledge and skills needed not only to pass the exam, but be a cut above the rest. Better project management is dependent on dedication and resources, PMTC focuses on providing the support and training needed to excel across a diverse range of industries. For more information on PMI certification and training classes, please visit www.pmtrainingclass.com . Image Attributions: Image Attributions Slide 1 - http://www.pmtrainingclass.com/pmi-certification / Summary: Summary PMI certification puts you cut above the rest in the project management arena. Find out what it is, who it benefits and how to obtain it.

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