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Published on July 20, 2014

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What is Required to Hire 457 Visa Workers-Free Assessment : What is Required to Hire 457 Visa Workers-Free Assessment PowerPoint Presentation: Yangwha offers a free assessment-we can give you the basics in 15 minutes over the phone.  If you like what you hear, we can gather some documents from you and give you a free review as to your eligibility.  We will tell you if you may qualify and if not the best way to become qualified. We will also tell you if the job description you wish to fill qualifies under the 457 program. Listed below are the basics-training expenditure is the key. PowerPoint Presentation: In order to hire 457 workers, whether already in Australia or hired from abroad, a company must have a Standard Business Sponsorship, issued by the DIBP (Department of Immigration and Boarder Protection).  Requirements include demonstrating that the business is registered (has an ABN) and is currently operating (BAS reports).  The key factor is training expenses.  These must equal 1% of your gross wages.  This is an effort by the government to encourage Australian businesses to up skill the workforce in Australia as an additional method to address Australia’s skills shortage.  You can meet this threshold through hiring trainees and or apprentices, through any type of training-software classes and equipment training for example, also apply.  All expenses MUST be for training of Australian Citizens or Permanent Residence. Here are some examples: PowerPoint Presentation: Trainees and Apprentices - 100% of the wages you pay to these employees counts towards the 1% requirement.  In addition, any fees you pay to a company managing or overseeing your program for these workers is also applicable to the 1% requirement. PowerPoint Presentation: Software training -general classes on common Microsoft Windows and Microsoft office software are one example. If your business is buying specialized software for things like logistics, CAD/CAM programs, accounting or any other specialized applications ask your vendor not to add the training component to the cost of buying the software.  Have them break out the cost of the training separately on the invoice. PowerPoint Presentation: Equipment training -this can include things from paying for forklift tickets or other basic equipment training to training on specialised equipment you purchase for your business such as computer controlled manufacturing equipment. Again when the vendors says “training is included” as them to show the true cost as a separate line item on the invoice. PowerPoint Presentation: Remember, to be eligible the training expense must be spent on an  Australian Citizen or Permanent Resident .  Whether you want to bring in workers from overseas, hire available 457 workers already in Australia or convert a Working Holiday worker to a 457 visa status, you will need a sponsorship and we can help you!  Contact us today for your free assessment!

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