What Makes A Website Consistency Is Key

Information about What Makes A Website Consistency Is Key

Published on October 15, 2012

Author: yourdesignonline

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What Makes A Website: Consistency Is Key: What Makes A Website: Consistency Is Key PowerPoint Presentation: In our last installment of this series we discussed happy homepages and how the digital “front door” should invite people in an get them to stay awhile.  It is important to carry the concepts of the happy homepage throughout your entire website.  According to Hubspot , most websites have a 30-60% bounce rate… meaning that a large majority of web traffic entering your website leaves without navigating to any other pages.  And many times they may never come back.  Why?  Because, believe it or not, most people judge a company’s credibility by the looks of their website. PowerPoint Presentation: We talked about the aesthetic elements you should have on your homepage, but now we’ll take them a step further to apply to your entire website. Colors - Just like with your homepage, your color scheme should match your brand and be consistent throughout the website.  You definitely should use color to make things stand out, but be careful not to go overboard.  You make too much “stand out” and nothing stands out. It just looks gawdy . Text - Keep your text font and size consistent.  Not too big and not too small.  Titles, subtitles, and body text should be the same on every page.  Same goes for tabs and links in the navigation and sidebars.  Make sure the font is legible.  There’s nothing worse than a “creative” font that nobody can read. Layout - Just as with the homepage, the whole website should be easy for visitors to get around.  Clear navigation.  Avoid too much white space.  Avoid too much “clutter.” Gadgets, Media, and Other Stuff - Nothing “clutters” a website more than too many unnecessary elements.  Flash backgrounds and automatic pop-ups, and music playing certainly gets attention but more often than not is flat out annoying.  A few well-placed (and appropriately size) images, a video (not on autoplay ) should be more than sufficient. PowerPoint Presentation: Keeping design elements and content style consistent is key in driving and keeping traffic.  How is your website looking these days?  Let us take a look at it! Sign up for your free website audit here . http:// www.yourdesignonline.com

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