What Type Of Content Causes Engagement

Information about What Type Of Content Causes Engagement

Published on April 22, 2013

Author: 42inception

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Which Type Of Content Causes Engagement?: Which Type Of Content Causes Engagement? Most Engaging Communities On Facebook: Most Engaging Communities On Facebook Examples of Content Types Causing Engagement: Examples of Content Types Causing Engagement Humor  : Humor  Relevant Insightful Information: Relevant Insightful Information Debates: Debates Leveraging Celebrities & Public Figures: Leveraging Celebrities & Public Figures Breaking News: Breaking News Crowd Sourcing: Crowd Sourcing Social And Political Issues: Social And Political Issues Questions: Questions Sensitization: Sensitization Challenges : Challenges Rich Media Content: Rich Media Content Contest & Ego Boosters: Contest & Ego Boosters Be Social: Participate as a Peer! Be Social PowerPoint Presentation: Leverage Digital Marketing for Incredible Growth? Our Training is a click away ! www.42inception.com

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