Why are people so scared of MLM Companies?

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Published on July 14, 2014

Author: vaidhegipatel

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Why are people so scared of MLM Companies?: Why are people so scared of MLM Companies? PowerPoint Presentation: Is MLM a hazardous business? It’s a common question of beginners. Of course they might have known actually what MLM means, yet they do not recognize further about this strategy. Though people came to know that there are many top level entrepreneurs uses this strategy to grow up their products to the standard level, they feel it is risky when they actually try to use for their business. It seems that MLM is quite interesting where it has its own plans and schematic procedures. Top level people give great success to MLM, as it is inimitable. In fact MLM is a business model where it follows a unique process hierarchy and insists entrepreneurs even sales people to pursue. It encourages the vigorous minded people very well, as they are compensated for their actual sales and sales of their referrals. Henceforth MLM strategy has its own multiple levels in order to increase sales of products from which both entrepreneurs and sales people will get more bucks. PowerPoint Presentation: Hierarchy of multiple levels of MLM Strategy PowerPoint Presentation: Why MLM is quite panic to people?   Multi Level Marketing is a legal business strategy for entrepreneurs to fulfill their needs of fastest growth to become leading out of all their competitors. Here the main thing that the sales people can even work at their home so people confuse and think bad about this business. As it follows a kind of pyramid sales, people hesitate whether it may be illegal. Generally businesses comes under the network marketing strategy will get differed from MLM concepts but it is also good. PowerPoint Presentation: Criticism against MLM:   Several aspects are defined against MLM companies as criticism such are given below:   Fixed and High product costs unconventional sales people usage Force sales people to buy company products Targets on sales Obliging relatives and friends for selling products No compensation on product costs   Though these factors may criticize MLM companies, employees those who intend in doing sales believe the products. They are supposed to work for the company establishments and actually they are also going to get lots of benefits and immaculate rewards as well. PowerPoint Presentation: How can we differentiate General Marketing with Multi Level Marketing? PowerPoint Presentation: General Marketing:   Generally all businesses will have two different departments for catering marketing and sales separately. The Marketing team advertises and promotes the products so it will raises businesses by giving reach to their products. Marketing team bring out more awareness about the products towards consumers where as sales team deals about the product sales. It is general strategy of General marketing.   Multi-Level- Marketing:   MLM is straight confliction to usual marketing and here the sales people are insisted to market their products on their own. Both marketing and sales are bulged together. Hence three different activities are made by sales people themselves: Buying products at wholesale Advertise products (can be done word of mouth) Create awareness among people Selling them to various consumers Support people by affording business Preach others to do the same   PowerPoint Presentation: It is a kind of sales which insist people to have awareness about products. At last if people wish, they can continue this service for their own. It is very interesting and gives fastest development to the people. Who is beneficiary?   Here, we can find lots of differences on products of all companies and only few can be best who shine and earn largest revenue. Vigorous folks should follow certain people and assume them as a role model. Following their structure can give you little chance to become succeed. Everyone should try to learn this structure in any case. Anyone can be owner, since they are doing direct sales and dealing with the consumers. PowerPoint Presentation: It increases your confidence level when you approach others for promoting your products. Of course you must know everything about that product and make awareness among other folks as well. We will use our free time for this business. We work for our family, at the same time our entire family members can be easily engaged with us for all their necessities. Doing your jobs in companies will be tiresome job which may give lots of health issues where as you will be free and you can enjoy your healthy life by doing home business. We will be having lots of respects among our neighbors and it will give you a feel of entrepreneur. A regular layman can be successful entrepreneur with no further qualifications and extra skills. You will create new leads and you can be leading to someone. Hence you can increase the network. A quality of helping tendency will be increased by supporting others for doing this business.

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