Why CRM fail ? Solution by LEADSExplorer ?

Information about Why CRM fail ? Solution by LEADSExplorer ?

Published on September 5, 2007

Author: alankgreen

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LEADSExplorer:  LEADSExplorer Is Sales actually using the CRM ? Does your Sales:  Does your Sales Actually use the CRM ? Day-by-day ? Meticulously ? Probably not Else you wouldn’t be reading this What complaints ?:  What complaints ? Too much work Too much entry For administrators not for Sales No direct impact on Sales Seems: No Return On Investment for Sales How to improve ?:  How to improve ? Benefit for Sales people needed Immediate tangible ‘win’ required A driver for Sales to the CRM Missing sales if not used Something the company has … Data from the Web site !:  Data from the Web site ! Visiting Companies They are interested ! Unique visitors visiting pages Their interest ! All data freely available on Internet A lot ! Solution:  Solution Revealing visiting Companies Unique Visitors Feeding this Website data Into CRM Drivers:  Drivers Source of information for Sales Constant data inflow Automated searches for: Company information Contact data Simple Copy/Paste Not a painful data entry solution Allowing:  Allowing To communicate with: Appropriate Timely Messages to Contacts More leads, more ‘wins’ Analysing:  Analysing Visits With Communications On Activity Chart (time-line) Measuring Real-time direct impact and response Matching:  Matching Visitors With Contacts Using Activity Chart Visualising Communications and Visits Leads from::  Leads from: Virtual world visitors With Real world contacts Both can be converted into leads Into prospects – Into sales One solution for both worlds GET:  GET www.LEADSExplorer.com Company Discovery & Visitor Identification With integrated B2B CRM Hosted Service Solution Slide13:  www.LEADSExplorer.com Engago Technologies Ltd.

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