Why Do I Feel Tired? What Can I Do to Help Myself?

Information about Why Do I Feel Tired? What Can I Do to Help Myself?

Published on July 14, 2014

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Welcome to The Oxypowder colon cleanser: Welcome to The Oxypowder colon cleanser http://www.oxypowdercoloncleanser.co.uk Why Do I Feel Tired? What Can I Do to Help Myself? : Why Do I Feel Tired? What Can I Do to Help Myself? Tiredness is a pandemic in the 21st century. This shouldn’t come as say surprise: our lives are full of stress, we have less money to spend on good food, and we’re feeling increasingly socially isolated. There are many reasons why you might feel tired, there is also help for each condition. Below, we’re going to look at a few reasons why we might feel tired. We’re going to finish off this article by listing a number of things that you can do to improve your feelings of tiredness. http://www.oxypowdercoloncleanser.co.uk PowerPoint Presentation: http://www.oxypowdercoloncleanser.co.uk Anxiety and depression:  both of these conditions can affect the way we sleep. With anxiety, we may stay up late worrying about things, with depression we stay up late ruminating over passed mistakes. Aside from the fact that you’re falling asleep later than you should, this also creates a tired mind. Our brains aren’t designed to think all the time. Thinking takes up valuable resources, such as glucose stores. The more you fret and worry, the more you deplete your energy levels. If you suffer from anxiety or depression, then there are things that you can do to manage your symptoms. Therapy and self-help can teach you about your different thinking styles: how they are affecting you, and how you can change them. Medication can help to reduce negative types of thinking – you should also work with your thoughts so that, once off the medication, the symptoms do not return and you’re better equipped to handle them. PowerPoint Presentation: Diabetes:  as we mentioned above, glucose is a fuel that the brain uses to function properly. It is important that glucose is managed effectively, or you can end up feeling very tired. If you think that you may have diabetes, then you will need to visit your doctor for a confirmation blood test. Once you have sorted out your blood sugar levels, you will find that you feel much more alert than you did with undiagnosed diabetes. http://www.oxypowdercoloncleanser.co.uk PowerPoint Presentation: Sleep conditions:  there are a number of sleep conditions that will affect tiredness. Some will be obvious, such as insomnia. With insomnia, you know that you’re not sleeping well. However, with other conditions, such as sleep apnoea , you may be unaware that you have a problem. With sleep apnoea , you wake up throughout the night due to obstructions with your airways (usually caused by obesity). These are fleeting episodes, and you may not feel yourself waking up, which is why you may not know that you have a problem. Again, visit your GP if you’re feeling tired for no reason. http://www.oxypowdercoloncleanser.co.uk Oxy Powder: Oxy Powder http://www.oxypowdercoloncleanser.co.uk PowerPoint Presentation: • Diet: poor diet will cause tiredness : This is because you are not getting an adequate number of vitamins and minerals. You need to eat a wide and varied diet to overcome this problem. You may also find that you suffer with lower oxygen levels, in which case a supplement,  such as Oxy Powder , can help to establish the balance that you should be getting from your food. Oxy Powder will introduce oxygen to the system, and it will also have an active influence on your digestive system, helping you to absorb the nutrients from your food in a more efficient and effective way. http://www.oxypowdercoloncleanser.co.uk Thanks For Your Time: Thanks For Your Time http://www.oxypowdercoloncleanser.co.uk

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