Why QNET is the best in Direct Selling Industry.

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Published on July 2, 2011

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The Best in Direct Selling Industry: The Best in Direct Selling Industry 7 Things to look for in a DS/NM Co. 7 Things to look for in a DS/NM Co.: 7 Things to look for in a DS/NM Co. Longevity Credibility Size & Growth Products Compensation Plan Training YOU LONGEVITY: LONGEVITY Stats show 90% of all start up Co’s fail in 1 st 5 years. 90% of balance 10% also fail in next 5 years. Is the Co. 5 years old? 10 years is even better CREDIBILITY: CREDIBILITY Does the Co. take advantage of its customers & business partners? Does it have a history of illegal activities? Is it legally registered? Who does the Co. work with? Has the Co. contributed to the society? SIZE & GROWTH: SIZE & GROWTH How big is the Co? Where are the offices? In how many countries? How many distributors/IRs are with the Co? How stable is the Co? How fast is it growing? PRODUCTS: PRODUCTS What kind of products Co. deals in? Are they fad? Are they adding real value to customers? Are the customers passionate about the products? COMPENSATION PLAN: COMPENSATION PLAN How lucrative is the Comp Plan? Do you get $5 or $10 for each unit of sale of $100 & $1000s? Do I have to recruit MANY people to earn some money? TRAINING: TRAINING Training is the life of NM industry What’s the quality of training of the Co? Is the training material easily available? Is the Co. helping a nobody to become a somebody ? Does the Co. CARE about my success ? QNET - Longevity: QNET - Longevity In existence for 12 years ( since 1998 ) HQ – Prestigious Bank of China bldg, Hong Kong It’s a stable, 10 + year old Co. QNET - Credibility: QNET - Credibility 2000 – Worked with Vatican to release Commemorative Coin for Pope John Paul II. 2001 – FAO/UN appointed Qnet as exclusive distributor for its gold coin program to create awareness against world hunger. 2003 – Sponsor for International Badminton Federation ( IBF ) held in UK. 2006 – Official distributor of FIFA World Cup Coin programme & sponsor for Brazilian team. 2007 - Qnet sponsors the Commonwealth Business Forum in Uganda QNET – Credibility: QNET – Credibility 2008 – Key sponsor for QI-Meritus team in GP2 Asia series. 2009 – Qnet Singapore inducted into the prestigious DSAS. Official DS sponsor for Asian Football Conf ( AFC ) Qnet Malaysia accepted as member of MDDA QI group gains membership of World Economic Forum’s Community of Global Growth Companies QNET – Credibility: QNET – Credibility 2010 – Qnet sponsors Team QI-Meritus at GP2 Asia Racing series, Bahrain. QI group crosses US$ 1 billion sales by year end QI brings Global Business Leaders Forum 2010 to Malaysia. QI announces prestigious partnership with Sir Richard Branson – Virgin Racing team. World famous Murlidharan becomes Qnet brand ambassador Qnet awarded the Caring Company recognition by Hong Kong council of Social Service, for THIRD year in a row. Qnet Chairperson Ms. Donna nominated for prestigious “ Best of the Best” Network Marketing Industry Award by MLMIA GOPIO awards Dato ’ Vijay Eswaran GLOBAL BUSINESS EXCELLENCE AWARD QNet Conquers M-Commerce Market: QNet Conquers M-Commerce Market New York, NY ( Vocus ) October 8, 2010 International direct selling company, QNet has cemented its decade-long reputation as a leader in e-commerce by launching multi-platform mobile applications for its million-plus global customers . Following recent launches on the iPhone and Nokia platforms at the company’s annual convention in June earlier this year, QNet this week announced their m-commerce business application for leading mobile phone operating systems BlackBerry through BB App World, and the Android platform through Android Market . QNet Chief Information Officer, Malick Aboobakar , said the company’s distributors would be able to embrace a truly mobile and global business by utilising the virtual office application to conduct their independent direct selling and network marketing business……. QNET – Size & Growth: QNET – Size & Growth Breached the US$ billion mark. Has 6 Million customers worldwide in 160 countries in just 12 years. Early adopter of e-commerce, Qnet has emerged as a pioneer in online network marketing & direct selling. Now offers mobile friendly site and mobile applications fuelling Co’s philosophy of business anywhere, anytime with support everywhere Excellent track record of growth & scale QNET - Products: QNET - Products High growth market segments – Health & wellness Telecom services Vacations Watches & Jewellery Products are unique, innovative, exclusive, value driven & reliable. Paul Zaine Pilzer in The Next Millionaires talks of Wellness, Internet & Direct Sales as key drivers of growth for next decade. QNET – Compensation Plan: QNET – Compensation Plan One of the most lucrative in the industry. Attractive 6% - 13% Retail margin PLUS 7% - 14% Referral Commission. E.g. – Diamond Vacation Package SP : $13,040 - Referral : 41.67*21 IR : $11,340 $875 Retail margin : $1700 $2575 ( 1700+875) % : 13% 20% QNET/V - Training: QNET/V - Training The V – global network support & training org with in-house V Studios Best in class training tools - DVDs Books Events ( Vcon, NSS, World Tour ) Product Trainings Magazines ( AspIRe, Voyager ) www.the-v.net and Vtube Local systems YOU: YOU What does it take to be successful – YOU Not for people who want a Get-Rich-Quick scheme To be successful, YOU – Must work hard Think smart Stay committed Be prepared for initial challenges Must be dedicated to closely following the established & proven business plan. Net provides the tools, support services, infrastructure & enablement for YOU to succeed in this business and become FINANCIALLY FREE Slide 19: THANK YOU

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