Why should you Hire a Safety Consultant?

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Published on July 24, 2014

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Why should you Hire a Safety Consultant?: Why should you Hire a Safety Consultant? Health and Safety of your employees at work is always a priority and is critical for business success. Unfortunately, there are a lot of core business issues that take up most of your time and energy. You may be owning a small company or leading a large organization, but safety at workplace will always remain your responsibility. At the same time, delivering business results and ensuring a healthy bottom line are also your biggest responsibilities. There are laws and guidelines that govern Workplace Health and Safety (WHS), also known as Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) which have to be adhered to without exception. Not following them may lead to legal action or fines. By following the laws and guidelines, you can make your work environment safe and avoid major accidents, injuries and illness related to workplace. PowerPoint Presentation: Some organizations or companies see safety at work as an additional cost which hits their bottom line, often forgetting that if followed in the right spirit and proactively, it can actually help you save money. Some companies hire a dedicated Health and Safety Manager, but more often than not, most companies give this responsibility as an additional charge to a Senior Manager, an Admin Manager, an HR Manager or an Operations Manager to save the cost. The outcome of doing so is that the said manager is already over-burdened with his or her own responsibilities and sees safety at work as a last priority. They usually end up reacting to a situation (say an accident at work) rather than acting proactively to prevent it happening in the first place. You suddenly see fire drills, evacuation drills or first aid training sessions happening after there is an unwanted event occurring on your premises. PowerPoint Presentation: With all these considerations, it is recommended to hire a Safety Consultant. There are a lot of advantages of hiring an external Safety Consultant rather than hiring a resource on your company payroll : You can contract a Safety Consultant as per your company's requirement, i.e. you can hire someone for a full time, part time or a fixed number of hours a month based on the size of the company. If you are a small organization, you may even opt for a weekly, monthly or quarterly service. This can save you a huge cost compared to if you hire a full time employee on your payroll. The overhead costs are reduced if you hire a consultant as you do not have to pay any employment taxes, benefits, equipment or space. You can ask the Safety Consultant to train your staff as required on the current laws, guidelines and also share best practices that are being followed by your industry. PowerPoint Presentation: An external Safety Consultant is not affected by the internal issues of the company and by carrying out a thorough audit, can give you an honest picture of the health and safety concerns related to your workplace and can guide you how to rectify them. These recommendations will be always in line with the currently enforceable laws and guidelines. This also means that should there be an audit by any government or other regulatory bodies, you are in a good position and can avoid legal action or the hefty fines. Safety Consultants are better informed and updated about any changes or updates in laws or guidelines made by the government or other regulatory bodies. So, if you are convinced that you require a Safety Consultant for your organization, you can get in touch with us or visit our website for more details about our Safety Consulting Services in Brisbane. PowerPoint Presentation: Contact Information Phone : 07 3901 4777 Fax : 07 3319 6163 Email : [email protected] M : 0423756191 (Tiffany Irving) M : 0427807979 (Angela Bradby )

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