Why the Heating System of the Car is Failed

Information about Why the Heating System of the Car is Failed

Published on January 12, 2019

Author: loudenmotorcar

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Slide1: Why the Heating System of the Car is Failed Slide2: The heating system of the car are generally designed for melting the ice buildup and fog on the windshield of the car to provide the driver a clear view of the road. Slide3: The engine of the car requires the coolant to absorb the heat during operation and circulate the coolant through the engine. Slide4: Before the coolant reaches the radiator, it passes through a heater core to absorb the heat from the coolant and the air flow through a circuit to the windshield for fog removal. Slide5: When the heating system of the is the car is failed, the frigid temperature makes your driving uncomfortable, impairs the vision and cause safety issues. Slide6: The heating system of the car is failed due to many reasons in the car. Go through the points to know about it briefly. Slide7: Damaged heater core Slide8: The damaged heater core will cause leakage in the car. Due to leakage, it will not only provide you an adequate heat, but also allow the coolant to leak into the car's cabin. Slide9: If you find that the coolant is pooling in the floorboard of the car, then make sure that the time comes to replace the heater core. Slide10: Worn out fan motor Slide11: The fan motor of the car are designed for flowing the air over the heater core in case of heat and circulate the conditioned air throughout the car's ductwork. Slide12: When the fan motor of the car is worn out, either it will fuse the fan blower circuitry or fried the fan motor. Slide13: Low coolant level Slide14: The inadequate coolant level of the car can affect the heating system of the car because the low level of coolant unable to heat the heater core. Slide15: If you want to increase the lifespan of the heating components, then maintain the proper coolant level and flush the coolant system properly. Slide16: Failed thermostat Slide17: The thermostat of the car is used for controlling the circulation of coolant through the engine and stop the circulation during the first minute of engine operation. Slide18: The failed thermostat of the car is failed to hold the coolant until it is warm and takes more time to provide heated air to the cabin. Slide19: Faulty heater core Slide20: The heater hose of the car carries the heated coolant to and from the heater core to function the heating system properly. Slide21: But when the heater core has any leakage, then the heated coolant unable to reach the core, prevent the core from heating and provide warm air to the car cabin. Slide22: Conclusion Slide23: If you find that the heating system of the car is failing, then it's best to inspect your car by a professional mechanic. Slide24: So, always check the heating system of the car especially in the winter season to make your driving safe and comfortable. Slide25: http://www.loudenmotorcars.com/ https://www.facebook.com/Louden-Motorcar-Services-Inc-111452935586336/ https://twitter.com/loudenmotorcar Thank You

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