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Published on February 7, 2010

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Slide 1: By Nasir Ahmad [email protected] Which comes first! : Which comes first! Hardware or Software? Introduction : Introduction A latest operating system by Microsoft to utilize the maximum processing speed and storage capacity of an advanced PC. Some Facts about Vista : Some Facts about Vista Vista released in Jan 2007 XP release in Oct 2001 Vista released after 5 years of XP Vista development started before release of XP Longhorn: before July 2005 Vista was Longhorn Increase security Purpose : Purpose Improve the state of security in the Windows operating system Increase level of communication Maximum utilization of a system resources Windows Vista Flavors : Windows Vista Flavors Windows Vista Starter Windows Vista Home Basic Windows Vista Home Premium Windows Vista Business Windows Vista Ultimate Windows Vista Enterprise Windows Vista Starter : Windows Vista Starter Mainly to offer a legal alternative to using unauthorized copies. This edition sells only in "emerging markets" such as Mexico, Brazil, India, Pakistan, Thailand, People's Republic of China, Indonesia and the Philippines Windows Vista Home Basic : Windows Vista Home Basic 199.95$ Home Basic targets budget-conscious users not requiring advanced media support for home use. Windows Vista Home Premium : Windows Vista Home Premium 259.95$ This edition also supports additional features aimed for the home market segment, such as support for HDTV and DVD-authoring. Windows Vista Business : Windows Vista Business Windows Vista Business Edition targets the business-market. 299.95$ Windows Vista Ultimate : Windows Vista Ultimate Windows Vista Ultimate combines all the features of the Home Premium and Enterprise editions, plus the "Ultimate Extras" and stronger encryption 319.95$ Windows Vista Enterprise : Windows Vista Enterprise This edition targets the enterprise segment of the market: it comprises a superset of the Vista Business edition. Additional features include support for Multilingual User Interface (MUI) packages, BitLocker Drive Encryption, and UNIX application-support. Some End Users Features : Some End Users Features Updated GUI & Visual Styles Windows Aero Improved Searching Features New Way of Digital Entertainment (DVD Creator, Media Center, Media Player 11 etc) Redesigned printing, audio, networking and display Some End Users Features : Some End Users Features Parental Control Windows Meeting Space Windows Mail IE 7 Speech Recognition (Accessibility) Some Advanced Features : Some Advanced Features Backup and Restore Center (Ghost) Shadow Copy automatically BitLocker Drive Encryption .Net framework Version 3 for developers System Requirements : System Requirements Vista Capable Vista Premium Ready Vista Capable : Vista Capable A Vista Capable or equivalent PC is capable of running all editions of Windows Vista although some of the special features and high-end graphics options may require additional or more advanced hardware. Vista Premium Ready : Vista Premium Ready A Vista Premium Ready PC can take advantage of Vista's high-end features. Vista Capable : Vista Capable Processor: 800MHz RAM: 512MB Graphics card: DirectX 9.0 capable Graphics memory: 32 MB RAM HDD capacity: 20 GB HDD free space: 15 GB Other drives: DVD-ROM Audio: Audio output Vista Premium Ready : Vista Premium Ready Processor: 1GHz RAM: 1GB Graphics card: DirectX 9.0 Graphics memory: 128 MB RAM or 512 MB for greater resolutions HDD capacity: 40 GB HDD free space: 15 GB Other drives: DVD-ROM Audio: Audio output Upcoming : Upcoming Service Pack 1 released in Jan 2008 Service Pack 2 in testing phase Conclusion(Vista adoption lower than XP)Biggest tech disappointment of 2007 : Conclusion(Vista adoption lower than XP)Biggest tech disappointment of 2007 Windows Vista had cost 6 billion dollars to develop High system requirements More restrictive licensing terms New DRM (Digital Rights Management) technologies Lack of compatibility with certain pre-Vista hardware and software User Satisfaction Rate 1st Quarter 2008 : User Satisfaction Rate 1st Quarter 2008 Questions : Questions Please don’t ask any question. Visit: To find out answers of your questions. Thanks

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