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Published on July 13, 2014

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PowerPoint Presentation: Word Formation PowerPoint Presentation: act or agree dis Suffix Prefix PowerPoint Presentation: Noun suffixes -er/or actor employer -an/ian historian American -ese Japanese Chinese -ee employee interviewee -ist scientist pianist PowerPoint Presentation: -ment -ness Noun suffixes government development -tion illness kindness invention education -ism -age socialism idealism marriage shortage -ity reality activity -ure pressure failure PowerPoint Presentation: Verb suffixes -en widen strengthen -fy simplify purify -ize realize organize -ate activate motivate PowerPoint Presentation: Adverb suffixes -ly angrily possibly -ward toward forward -wise clockwise otherwise PowerPoint Presentation: Adjective suffixes -able/ible, ish, ive - ful, -ous, beautiful, dangerous -en wooden golden movable, comfortable British, Childish active, expensive PowerPoint Presentation: Adjective suffixes -some troublesome, handsome -y windy, snowy -less careless, useless PowerPoint Presentation: Number suffixes -teen/ty/th thirteen, thirty, thirteenth PowerPoint Presentation: Negative Pre fixes dis- in/il im/ir- non- mis- un- anti- dishonest, disagree incapable, illegal, impossible, irregular misunderstand nonstop, nonfiction unable, unbelievable antipollution PowerPoint Presentation: Pre fixes of order/time/location out- over- in/im- under- sub- fore- outdoors, outstanding overseas, overflow inside, import underground, underline subway, subconscious forehead, foresee inter- international, interrupt PowerPoint Presentation: Other Pre fixes re- co- uni / bi / multi- repeat, review, return cooperate, co-editor universal, bicycle, multi-media en- enable, enjoy pre- predict, preschool post- post-war, postgraduate super- superstar, supermarket PowerPoint Presentation: Read the sentences and point out the affix of each underlined word: Historians say the beaver had an important part in the settlement of North America. A number of these expressions are widely used in every man or woman’s life. …beavers provided the most valuable fur in North America. When the dishonest tradesman opened the bag, out jumped a squealing cat. They use their huge teeth and work hard to cut down trees, remove branches… PowerPoint Presentation: Does a prefix change the meaning of the base? Does a prefix change the part of speech of the base? act Suffix or agree dis Prefix 1. nouns from verbs: 1. nouns from verbs ure y ence ance al age sion ion ation ment t or er fail- failure , sign- signature,etc... deliver- delivery, discover- discovery, etc.. prefer - preference , differ- difference, etc... perform - performance , insure - insurance, etc... arrive- arrival , approve - approval, etc use - usage , store - storage, etc... explode - exlosion , expand - expansion, etc... elect - election , protect - protection, etc... investigate - investigation, prepare – preparation, etc agree - agreement , punish - punishment, etc... complain - complaint , produce – product, etc... act - actor , collect – collector, etc... teach – teacher , play – player, etc... By : misterhadi 2. nouns from adjectives: 2. nouns from adjectives ence cy ity ty th ness ion absent- absence , present – presence ,etc... privat – privacy , urgent -urgency, etc.. similiar – similiarity, popular – popularity, etc .. royal - royalty , honest - honesty, etc .. happy - happiness , lazy - laziness , etc... tense - tension , perfect - perfection, etc... true - truth , warm - warmth, etc .. By : misterhadi 3. adjectives from nouns: 3. adjectives from nouns ly y ous ic al ful less ish friend - friendly , week - weekly ,etc... dirt - dirty , blood -bloody, etc.. danger - dangerous, poison - poisonous, etc.. artist- artistic , poet - poetic, etc .. help - helpful , power - powerful , etc... home - homeless , use - useless, etc... music - musical , origin - original, etc .. child - childish , self - selfish, etc... By : misterhadi 4. adjectives from verbs: 4. adjectives from verbs ent able ive ed ing depend - dependent , differ - different,etc... enjoy - enjoyable , read -readable etc.. act - active, select - selective, etc.. d a mage - d a maged , disappoint - disappointed, etc .. refresh- refreshing , entertain - entertaining, etc .. By : misterhadi 5. verbs from adjectives: 5. verbs from adjectives ize en real - realize , modern - modernize,etc... sharp - sharpen , soft -soften, etc.. 6. verbs from nouns en ze fy strength - strengthen , threat - threaten, etc.. apology - apologize , standard -standardize, etc.. class - classify , beauty -beautify, etc.. By : misterhadi

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