Working Principle of Inline Mixer

Information about Working Principle of Inline Mixer

Published on July 17, 2014

Author: jagdeep.rufouz



Inline Mixer : Inline Mixer Facilitates motionless mixing of components Inline mixer offer several advantages over the traditional mixing technique: Inline mixer offer several advantages over the traditional mixing technique Inline mixer removes the dusting problem with solid-liquid injection system, which ensures the removal of dumping the solid waste into an open vessel which ultimately helps in preventing dusting to take place. It can be used to form about million of mixes from the sample varying in their viscosity range. It is used extensively in textile industries in the formation of emulsion and treatment of chemical finishes imparting softness to towel, and in the manufacture of stain resistant and dark colored blue jeans. It offers customization of the mixing procedure saves plenty of time, money and reduces manual labor. PowerPoint Presentation: Inline Mixer is an ideal technique to make a homogenous mixture of the solution used in various industries such as pharmaceuticals and textile industry. The working principle of the inline mixer is based upon the “Newtonian Movement” that keeps the particle in suspended in the medium for long time. According to which the acceleration of the particle is directly proportional to the net force applied on the particle and is inversely proportional o the mass of the particle. And, the direction of the particle is in the direction of the applied force. The blades fitted with the inline mixer allow the sample to mix inside the mixer with high speed and accuracy without rotating its blades. PowerPoint Presentation: It can be used in the production of the variety of sample mixtures ranging from emulsifying mixture to ophthalmic solutions Inline Mixer involves the division of the sample into two streams and further the streams are combined and divided again. The process is carried out numerous times to ensure the formation of the homogenous mixture of the sample.

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