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Published on September 12, 2017

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1. XP3 TRAINING MANUAL Page 1 Cover Page X P 3 . c a

2. What is XP3? XP3 is a commercial grade, industrial strength, all-in-one fuel enhancer that upgrades the performance characteristics of fuels. What makes XP3 different than other fuel additives? XP3 only contains purely concentrated ingredients and active multi-functional components, making it different than common consumer grade additives which are filled with diluted & non-functional components for the retail marketplace. What are the functional components in XP3? Purifiers, cleaners, lubricators, stabilizers, conditioners, performance boosters, corrosion inhibitors, water & moisture dispersants and combustion improvers. What is the history and track record of XP3? 25+ years on the market (since 1989), treats over 4 billion litres of fuel globally every year, sold in 27 different countries, fuel additive guarantee with no single claim since inception. X P 3 . c aPage 2 Introduction

3. XP3 is used and implemented as “Best Practice” by several multi-national companies. X P 3 . c aPage 3 Globally Used

4. Fuel Savings As a combustion catalyst, XP3 burns more of the available fuel as power, creating less waste by increasing the combustion energy value (BTU) of the fuel. To validate fuel savings, dyno testing and emissions testing is done to show increased power (burning more of the fuel as energy) and decreased unburnt hydrocarbon emissions (less pollution). In 2015, the Ste. Anne Co-op conducted independent dyno testing of XP3 at Wall’s Rod Custom, on a 2011 GM 6.6 Duramax diesel. TEST 1 Baseline fuel, no treatment 834 ft. lbs. TEST 2 XP3 All-in-One treated 845 ft. lbs. (an increase of 11 ft. lbs.) TEST 3 XP3 HP Cetane treated 870 ft. lbs. (an increase of 36 ft. lbs.) Other benefits of improved combustion are: improved starting, idling and throttle response, improved ignition quality of the fuel, improved atomization characteristics, reduced regen cycles, extended life of DPF systems, reduced DEF consumption and reduction in premature engine oil degradation due to less contaminant seepage through the piston rings. X P 3 . c aPage 4 Functions & Benefits

5. Water & Moisture Control (See the XP3 water dispersion test for details). XP3’s water & moisture control technology breaks down agglomeration deposits of suspended moisture or free-standing water in the bottom of fuel tanks into thousands of sub-microscopic particles for complete elimination, with no interference and undetected throughout the combustion process. Due to it’s moisture controlling features, fuels are protected against the negative effects of ethanol and bio-blended fuels. Bio fuels are highly hygroscopic, attracting 25% more moisture exposing a higher risk of condensation, accelerating fuel degradation and oxidation, reducing energy value of fuels and placing fuels in high risk of water & moisture related problems. (Diesel can have anywhere from 70ppm to 1400ppm of water in suspension). Other Points: XP3 eliminates conditions where algae and microbial organisms grow and contaminate fuels. XP3 is 100% soluble with both fuel and water. XP3 is not hygroscopic, meaning it does not attract or absorb any moisture. Corrosion Inhibitor Prevents corrosion and formation of rust. Prevents formation of sulfuric acid. Factoid: A droplet of water in its natural state will expand 1000 times its size in a combustion chamber. By breaking down water droplets into sub-microscopic particles, the water is able to pass through the combustion process without any issues due to it’s reduced size. X P 3 . c aPage 5 Functions & Benefits

6. Detergent / Cleaner XP3 has a high detergency value. (See the XP3 detergency test results for details). • Cleans out carbon, varnish, soot, sludge and gum formations. • Unplugs clogs from existing deposits. • Disperses pre-existing sediments and solids in the fuel. • Prevents build up of new deposits in fuel tanks. • Protects against oxidation, corrosion and rusting. • Protects against premature fuel pump failures and keeps injectors moving freely. • XP3 is compatible and safe with all types of fuel lines, rubbers, seals and gaskets. Clean Burning (See the XP3 burn test results for details). XP3 helps fuels burn cleaner by a more complete burning. Not only does this help reduce emissions, it also keeps the entire post-combustion parts of a vehicle operate better, stay cleaner longer, reduce DEF consumption and extend service intervals on DPF equipped engines. X P 3 . c aPage 6 Functions & Benefits

7. Lubricator • Lubricates and protects entire fuel system. (Upper cylinder walls, intake valves, egr’s, rings, common rails, fuel pumps & injector pumps and injectors.) • Protects against injector fouling, injector failures and injector sticton. • Lubricity test results of XP3D are; BOLCE Test, from 360 to 300 HFRR Test, from .610 to .460 Processing to create today’s Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel creates a more abrasive fuel with way less lubricity. High sulfur in fuels is the cause for pollution. High Sulfur Diesel – 5000ppm (pre-1993) Low Sulfur Diesel – 500ppm, (2006) Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel – 15ppm (2006-2010 on-road, 2011+ on and off-road) Side note: Bunker fuel has 50,000 ppm of sulfur. X P 3 . c aPage 7 Functions & Benefits

8. Cold Weather Protection • Prevents wax formation, build up, gelling & filter clogging. • Disperses water and moisture caused by condensation. • Improves cold starting and idling. • Improves flow, cloud point, pour point and cold filter plug point Fuel Stabilizer & Anti-Oxidant • Keeps fuels clean and fresh. • Stabilize and protect fuels for mission critical equipment. • Upgrades fuel integrity for added longevity during storage and transport. • Protects against fouling and phase separation. • Keeps fuels from degrading. X P 3 . c aPage 8 Functions & Benefits

9. Environment Friendly & Safe Reduces unburnt hydrocarbons, vanadium pentoxide, exhaust smoke and polluting emissions. Does not contain alcohol, kerosene, aromatics, naphtha, sulfur, fillers or other potentially harmful compounds. XP3D and XP3G are classified as safe, non-hazardous and biodegradable products. Safe with all manufacturer’s warranties. Positive R.O.I. Input costs for XP3 ranges from 2 to 4 cents per treated litre. Immediate return on investment on fuel savings alone is double or better than input cost in extra distance travelled or operating time. Extended return on investment is gained through extended equipment life, reduced maintenance costs, delayed viscosity breakdown of engine oils, extended maintenance cycles, reduced costs and problems associated with emissions systems and consumables, less equipment breakdown and less downtime. X P 3 . c aPage 9 Functions & Benefits

10. Sample Financial ROI Calculation For illustrative purposes, we assume that fuel cost is $1 per litre and the test vehicle gets 10L/100km with regular, non-treated fuel. Non treated fuel fill up $75 for 75 litres 750KM travelled on the tank 10 cents per KM for fuel XP3 treated fuel fill up $77.25 to fill up with 75 litres of fuel and XP3 ($2.25 for XP3 treatment) 787KM travelled on the tank 9.9 cents per KM for fuel & XP3 5% better fuel economy The minimum fuel economy increase required for full ROI is only 3%. Typical ROI on fuel savings in controlled testing environments ranges from 4%-8%. X P 3 . c aPage 10 Functions & Benefits

11. X P 3 . c aPage 11 Warranty XP3 improves and enhances the ASTM specifications of fuels.

12. Engine Manufacturer Excerpts Caterpillar “… fuel additives… used on Caterpillar products, the Caterpillar warranty is not affected.” Detroit Diesel “The use of Xp3 will not, in itself, violate or void the warranty.” Navistar “… the use of additives, in and of themselves do not void warranty” Mercedes-Benz “The use of Xp3 does not, in and of itself, void warranty on Mercedes-Benz vehicles.” Volvo Trucks “Use of this product does not, in itself, void the warranty on Volvo engines.” Deere Power Systems Group “We confirm that we would not void warranty on our engines for this.” GM North America “General Motors does not automatically void the GM warranty if your product is used by a customer.” Deutz “The use of XP3… could not be considered a violation of the terms of the warranty.” General Electric “… the use of XP3 as a fuel additive… should not adversely affect the hot section components… MTU Motoren and Turbinen Friedrichshafen “The use itself of your product, XP3, will not violate or void the warranty.” X P 3 . c aPage 12 Engine Manufacturers

13. Page 13 Formulations & Part Numbers Formulations XP3D XP3DC XP3DW XP3G Part Numbers (Numerical number refers to the amount of fuel the bottle treats.) D4000 = XP3Diesel All-in-One, treating 4000 litres of diesel. DC2000 = XP3 Diesel High Performance w/ Cetane, treating 2000 litres of diesel. DW16K = XP3 Diesel Extreme Winter, treating 16,000 litres of diesel. G540 = XP3 Gasoline All-in-One, treating 540 litres of gasoline. X P 3 . c a

14. X P 3 . c aPage 14 Part Numbers

15. Retail Products Overview X P 3 . c a Page 15 Retail Products Retail, off the shelf additives contain non-functional fillers that burn dirty, leaves behind post- combustion residues and don’t correct water & moisture fuel-related problems.

16. Review Easy to store, handle and dispense (due to high dosage concentration and no fillers). Effective, all-in-one fuel upgrading solution. As low as 2 to 4 cents per litre to treat and upgrade fuels. Full ROI at a 3% increase in fuel economy. (4%-8% is typical) Cleaner burning fuel lasts longer. Burn more of your fuel as energy, creating less post combustion waste / pollution. Extracts more power out of the same amount of fuel. Environment friendly and safe MSD Sheets. Safe with all manufacturer’s warranties. It costs more to NOT use XP3 than to use it. Q & A’s For technical or sales support, contact Marc Palud. [email protected] Cell: 204-471-5680 Page 16 Review X P 3 . c a

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