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Published on January 19, 2008

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Vedic Yagya Programme:  Vedic Yagya Programme Vedic Yagya Programme® What is Yagya® ?:  What is Yagya® ? A Yagya is a big combination of Rituals those were widely performed in Vedic era by everyone as a duty towards the nature, for prevention of evil planetary influences as well as to have a successful and bliss spiritual life. Sages were performing these Yagyas as their routine as well as also for third person in case the person is unable to do Yagya himself. The rituals or small Yagyas are still performed in India in all the occasions like marriage & sacraments it’s. Ved Bhawan uses the techniques of Yagya for high-energy remedial purposes. What is done in a Yagya ?:  What is done in a Yagya ? Vedic Mantra for a particular purpose is chanted in a particular method, sound and in a particular quantity. Fire sacrifice is done with that mantra Prayers are done Vedic Rituals are performed Donations are made 6 kinds of duties are performed to reach maximum benefit to the person How Yagya works ?:  How Yagya works ? Through sound resonance effects & magna-sound inductions. It makes a protection circle around the person to protect from evil planetary influence through sound / light /magnet waves. In your favor, It inducts the mental-waves of the person whom you are dealing with and, if you don't intend negatively, the person becomes liberal / convinced while being with you. Are there restrictions ?:  Are there restrictions ? Yes, Yagya delivers the result only in conditional performances. For example – Mantra must be 125000 times or in recommended quantity & correctly chanted The performer must be an Educated Vedic Pandit living with rules of Veda & must eat only fruits during Yagya, must not have sexual-intercourse or long sleep etc. All rituals must be performed on a favorable day / time Yagya must be completed how it was sworn to be How the Yagya can help ?:  How the Yagya can help ? In case of Health / Dangers – It diverts your way where the inauspicious is supposed to occur. Protects your life in dangers, at least till you get a few hours / days to arrange the person to survive or to get life-saving treatment for him. Helps to get the hidden reason of chronic health & mental problems easily Recognized and easily cured Makes you energetic to fight with the problems in crisis or in dangerous situations. In money problems -:  In money problems - Helps you generating and implementing money making ideas and possibilities. Improves your chances to make high volume money i.e. improving income Minimizes expenses & losses Makes you financial business easier Helps you saving money or acquiring property or getting inheritances Helps you getting rid of business loss or debts In love / marriage:  In love / marriage Lets you find your best fit partner Removes evil planetary influences / dosha’s from marriage. For example, Mangalik Dosha or Widowhood Dosha which have severe influences on your marital life. Minimizes or removes hindrances / delays in marriage. Prevents marital complications and makes your marriage long lasting. Ensures your harmonies and bliss marital life. Helps you to get marriage saved If necessary and beneficial, helps you getting divorce. In Profession:  In Profession Helps you getting job Boosts up your business Brings more and potential jobs / clients Assures your future and success Gets your transfer / promotion done Increases productivity / out-come Protects you from your enemies at work Helps also in these problems:  Helps also in these problems Family tensions, fights, divorce, hereditary Job insecurities, problem at work Debts, losses, litigations, Fears, pains, sleepless-ness, over-sensitivity, lake of confidence, lake of concentration Spiritual problems, black magic Miscarriages, short life-span, life dangers Un-loyalty, addiction, laziness, irritations How all happens ?:  How all happens ? You get a Free Yagya Recommendation based on your horoscope and the problems described by you You get a friendly advisor who contacts you and guides you further. When you wish to proceed for Yagya, you make Yagya request and further donation to proceed Your duty is now finished. Now you get the schedule with total information of your Yagya, for example date, time, place, contact details of the Pandits etc. You get a member user ID & password to have a look on the Yagya progress 24 hours over all in your full privacy. After completion of Yagya, you get Yagya reports, certificates, a free astrological consultation with our Jyotish Acharya plus many more further benefits and finally a post-Yagya-analysis explaining how you should expect the result of Yagya and when. Why only I will be getting result ?:  Why only I will be getting result ? The most important part of Yagya is - Samkalpa This is a kind of oath that is taken by the Pandits before Gods / Goddesses that they are going to do this Yagya for a particular person (you) born on this date and living at this part of the world. By swearing your name, birth date, horoscope position we make your identity unique to divert the result of Yagya only towards you. What Is the guarantee of result ?:  What Is the guarantee of result ? This is the tradition of thousands years which wouldn’t continue without result This is our 15 year’s experience with the Yagyas which have helped thousands of needy people worldwide in their different small or big problems. Mantra, which is sound, and which never goes failure or destroyed, has maximum reach and power that ensures your benefit. The best recommendation of Veda which is followed by billions of Indians regularly, we perform them occasionally also for you. Why Ved Bhawan only ?:  Why Ved Bhawan only ? This is an organization driven undertaking and thus involves no personal interest. Ved Bhawan is moreover, a secure place for Pandits & Members. In Ved Bhawan, every one is minimum university post-graduated in Vedic Disciplines as well as trained for the particular profession, so you are assured, no incorrect mantra shall be chanted, No mistake shall be committed. Moreover, all Yagyas are supervised by the professional experts Ved Bhawan is the organization of Pandits and by the Pandits. Naturally we know how to use our techniques best. Moreover, no organizational pressure, no official bureaucracy, no business attitude; yet disciplined, well organized and professional. We have 15 years of experience. We have learned a lot & we have experimented a lot. Ved Bhawan, is the largest Yagya organizer in India with 36 Yagya Centers & now already 9 years serving internationally in 42 countries. Modern technology is combined to plan and implement Yagyas sharp professionally and keeping it transparent with you. You have always a watch, what’s going on at Yagya Center. What do I need to do ?:  What do I need to do ? Just to make request and donate Doing a little meditation during Yagya Maintaining Vegetarian during Yagya Avoiding Sex during Yagya Avoiding party-eating during Yagya What does it cost ?:  What does it cost ? You need to donate a pre-structured amount (depending upon the Mantras) to cover the expenses like – the materials of Yagya, the fruits and cloths of Pandits as well as their labor honorarium However doing prayer, keeping Hungry for you and sitting 6 hours daily for chanting mantra for you, as a scholar they do more than a friend ever can do for you. It’s priceless, still you would like to compassionate them a little. Veda says – ” Yagya is fruitless without donation” You donate the scholars basically, less than USD 7 per hour. In total, inclusive of all arrangements, you donate - Cat A Eur 800 (75 hour’s work) Cat B Eur 450 Cat C Eur 250 (Planetary or B’Day Yagyas) Cat D Eur 100 (mini Yagyas) If I have questions ?:  If I have questions ? We welcome your questions here – Tel - 0031 6427 34564 (7 lines, 365X7X24) SMS – 0031 6427 34564 - ‘Call Yagya’ Tel - 0031 70 302 0 602 Fax – 0031 614 98 70 97 E-Mail [email protected] Online question - www.vedic-yagya.com/contact.html I want to do Yagya !:  I want to do Yagya ! You are heartily welcome !! The best way is to request a Free Yagya Recommendation If you have urgency like accident or other emergency, just call now on 0031 6427 34564 or write – [email protected] If you want, go through the Yagya List to decide yourself which Yagya you need. If you know which Yagya you need, just go - donate & begin for immediate Credit Card donation process and Yagya conformation (recommended, specially in busy days or in emergency). Once you have donated, we’ll contact you with-in a few hours. Finally,:  Finally, We wish you success, peace & prosperity through Yagya !!! Please select where you want to go or just wait to see the presentation again. 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