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Published on August 7, 2014

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Disaster Management: Disaster Management FIRE A WILDFIRE IN NEW MEXICO Yellow House What is a Disaster?: What is a Disaster? Yellow House Effects of a Disaster: Effects of a Disaster Disrupts day to day life Loss of life and property Yellow House Disaster Management: Disaster Management Yellow House Fire: Fire A Good Servant A Cruel Master Yellow House PowerPoint Presentation: Types of Fire Class A - Wood, Paper Class B - Oil, Gasoline Class C or E - Electrical Class D - Metals Class K - Cooking oils Yellow House Fire Triangle: Fire Triangle Yellow House Causes of Fire: Causes of Fire Accidents and Carelessness Electrical Wiring, Electrical Outlets and Faulty Wiring Yellow House Causes of Fire…: Causes of Fire… Appliances Heating Yellow House Causes of Fire…: Causes of Fire… Unattended Stoves Children Playing with Fire Yellow House Occurrence of Fires: Occurrence of Fires Yellow House PowerPoint Presentation: Fire Prevention Yellow House and Management… Fire Prevention: Fire Prevention Yellow House E ngineering E ducation E nforcement Devices that help manage fire…: Devices that help manage fire … Yellow House Heat Detector Sprinkler Smoke Detector Fire Extinguisher Tackling a Fire: OXYGEN Tackling a Fire Starvation Yellow House HEAT FUEL Cooling Blanketing Fire Extinguishers: Fire Extinguishers Yellow House The DO’s: The DO’s Install a Smoke Detector Check the Wiring In your House Yellow House The DO’s: The DO’s Have alternative Heating Units Keep matches away from children Yellow House The Don'ts: The Don'ts Yellow House Never leave lit candles or matchsticks around. Never be negligent, especially in the kitchen. Never cook in loose fitting clothes that could catch fire over the stove. Fire Emergency Procedure: Fire Emergency Procedure In the event of an alarm " RACE ": R :  Remove anyone from immediate danger A :  Activate the building fire alarm system C :  Confine the fire by closing all windows and doors E :  Evacuate, leave the building Extinguish the fire, if it can be done safely. Yellow House How to Survive a Building Fire: How to Survive a Building Fire Yellow House Crawl If There's Smoke 2. Feel Doors Before Opening 3. Go To The Nearest Exit 4.Always Use An Exit Stair, Not An Elevator 5. Close Doors 6. Use a Fire extinguisher 7. If you are on fire - Stop, Drop and Roll PowerPoint Presentation: How to Survive a Building Fire Here’s a RECAP: Crawl If There's Smoke Feel Doors Before Opening Go To The Nearest Exit Always Use An Exit Stair, Not An Elevator Close Doors Use a fire extinguisher if the fire is very small and you know how to use it safely If you are on fire - Stop, Drop and Roll Yellow House What NOT to do in a Fire: What NOT to do in a Fire Yellow House Do not try to retrieve valuables. Your life comes first. Do not open doors with smoke billowing from their joints. If you are trying to extinguish a fire use the correct type of extinguisher or do not try at all. Do not use a lift Do not jump from high windows. Make a rope using a blanket or wait till the fire services arrive. Do not delay calling the emergency services. A Quick Recap: A Quick Recap We now know… What is a disaster? -Effects of a disaster -Disaster Management What is a Fire? -Causes of Fire -Fire Prevention -Fire Emergency procedures Yellow House Thank You: Thank You Yellow House -Saujas Adarkar - Ruhi Jain -Ayesha Modak - Aman Saraf - Siddharth Sarda

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