Yorkie Puppies A Protective Playmate for Your Family

Information about Yorkie Puppies A Protective Playmate for Your Family

Published on June 24, 2012

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Yorkie Puppies A Protective Playmate for Your Family: Yorkie Puppies A Protective Playmate for Your Family Yorkie puppies are one of the best choices of pets to add to a family. These small dogs are fiercely loyal to their owners providing a protective playmate for your children. A Yorkshire Terrier is the perfect choice for families with children for another reason, too. The Yorkie’s are highly active pets who love attention. They will play with your children throughout the day seeking some exciting activity. Even when your children are feeling sad or unhappy the Yorkshire terrier is the perfect companion. They will seek out your child and playfully try to change their mood . Yorkie puppies are not just for the protection of your children either. These small dogs make excellent watch dogs. They are alert and sound the alarm instantly when intruders enter the area. Some owners report Yorkshire Terriers bark excessively, but this can easily be solved with just a little training. The dogs respond rapidly to training for barking. PowerPoint Presentation: Training with Patience is Essential Yorkie puppies and adults may be easy to train for barking issues, but do not let that fool you. Due to their busy temperament and their fierce independence these dogs are a little harder to train than many other breeds. This should not discourage you from working with the dogs to train them tricks, to housebreak them, or for shows. You just need to prepare for a little longer period of training and do the training when you feel fully relaxed and have all your patience ready. You will probably discover your Yorkie puppy is ready to play and explore more than focus on training until you establish a pattern. It is highly recommended when you start looking for a Yorkshire puppy that you choose an AKC registered puppy. A full-bred puppy has higher value, is more predictable in temperament, and provides you with a really fun selection process. Yorkie puppies come in so many different colors you may spend days looking at puppies trying to figure out what you like best. You will find Yorkies in the tan with blue saddle are, which is considered ideal, but you can also find puppies which are black-tan, blue-gold, or black-gold combinations. You will find other color mixes but these are not considered ideal and will usually result in lower prices and value. PowerPoint Presentation: High Demand for Yorkie Puppies May Equal a Broken Heart Now for a big warning, when you spot a Yorkshire terrier puppy you adore do not hesitate to buy it. Yorkie puppies are in high demand and sell fast. The puppy you thought was perfect when you saw it today will probably be gone tomorrow. There is no worse feeling than returning to the pet store or breeder and discovering the puppy you feel in love with is gone. Follow your instincts when you meet puppies and you will almost never go wrong. You may even discover the selection process is handled for you. Many times a Yorkie puppy will latch on to a child or adult as if they have been part of the family for years. That is often the best indicator of all that you have found the perfect protective playmate for you and your family.

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