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Published on July 18, 2014

Author: tompatrick



Your Startup Disk is almost full: This can happen to anyone. Trust me the solution is very simple. Just follow this presentation. Your Startup Disk is almost full Disk Full: This Message will flash once disk is out of SPACE. Disk Full Be a Geek: Check HDD space occupied by Movies, Photos, Songs, Apps. Remove files which are unwanted. Empty Trash. Be a Geek Delete more useless files: Go to Download folder & start deleting files. Your Web downloads alone can eat up plenty of GIGABYTES. Do not spare folders like – Movies, Pictures & Music. They are placed on left of the Finder menu. They might have large & useless files. Once cleaned, your drive will get more space to breath on. Delete more useless files Caches & Logs: You’re unaware but lots of file add to ‘Caches’ folder. The size may go up to some GB. There is no harm in cleaning Cache folder. So, go ahead grab more disk spaces. Caches & Logs Remove Duplicates: Ok, so Mac disk may have many-many duplicate files. These files might be located at different places making it difficult to hunt them. Use Clean Duplicate Files utility to hunt such files. Remove them with this tool. Remove Duplicates Restart Mac: Done with removal of useless files? Good, now you should restart OS X. Restarting will help OS X give itself a quick refresh. Actually, restarting is a good practice. Restart Mac Thanks : Hope my PPT helped you go through the message ‘Your Startup disk is almost full’. Send me your feedback – [email protected] Thanks

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