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Published on March 12, 2014

Author: zeroadd



Zero Addiction Powder: Zero Addiction Powder What is Zero Addiction Powder: What is Zero Addiction Powder Zero Addiction Drops or Powder is one of perfect and amazing cure which helps for ceasing the noxious addictions of drinking, smoking & tobacco. This product is developed from natural herbs element. Zero addiction product has no any personal side effects. By using this zero addiction you easily continue these harmful addictions. This Powder is substance of 17 axenic herbal herbs which provide 100% effective results with in few days. What Zero Addiction Powder Contain: What Zero Addiction Powder Contain Gulbanafsha : 2gm Nishoth : 4gm Vidarikand : 15gm Gileo : 4gm Nagkeshar : 3gm Kutki : 2gm Brahmi : 6gm Kalmegh : 1gm Bhringraj : 6gm Kasni : 6gm Harar Kali : 11gm Laung : 1gm Arjun : 6gm Neem : 7gm Punarana : 11gm Amla : 4gm Bhuiamla : 4gm Effects of Drugs/Smoking/Drinks Addictions: Effects of Drugs/Smoking/Drinks Addictions Some Informative Links : Some Informative Links Home - FAQ - Mob - 9592169802 PowerPoint Presentation: Thanks For Showing Your Interest

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