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Published on August 2, 2014

Author: hooman1

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PowerPoint Presentation: Zoho Wiki gives people somewhere to share thoughts & it’s a place to stay in touch and talk about different topics. PowerPoint Presentation: Create a username and password and enter your email address. Click "Sign Up" when you have finished entering your information. A verification email will be sent to the email address you provided. Click "Continue" to go on to the next page to begin creating your wiki. PowerPoint Presentation: After you complete registration, you can sign in. [ You are allowed only 1 wiki and you can add 3 users in free edition of zoho wiki]. PowerPoint Presentation: You can create a new wiki by clicking on “click here to create a new wiki” link. PowerPoint Presentation: You can choose a name for your wiki and customize it. PowerPoint Presentation: You can see the list of your pages and your wikis. You can also create new pages. PowerPoint Presentation: If you click on “home page” button, you are directed to the page where you can customize and edit it. The changes made to the page can be seen on this page. Click on “Edit” button on the top-left corner to add content to the “ Homepage ”. The “Edit” button appears only if you have permission to edit pages. PowerPoint Presentation: You can add information to your page and make the changes you like to the content of the page. Then save your work and close the editor. PowerPoint Presentation: You can create a new (in)visible page or a subpage by clicking on “New Page” link. PowerPoint Presentation: Choose a name for your page and assign its features. PowerPoint Presentation: “Page options” menu lets you make changes to your page and set permission to the page online . PowerPoint Presentation: Your page can be set to private or it can be seen by one person or multiple people such as an entire  English class that could join one page to edit work. PowerPoint Presentation: By adding different users, you decide Who can read or Who can Edit or Who can Comment on your pages . PowerPoint Presentation: You can add up to three users under free account. You can add all Zoho Registered Users with full permission or access control to your wiki.(in Free Edition of Zoho Wiki) PowerPoint Presentation: Add the content you like to the page and then save and close the editor. PowerPoint Presentation: You can see the previously added content on this page after closing the editor. PowerPoint Presentation: You can change the settings of your wiki or publish content in different formats like PDF and Word. PowerPoint Presentation: You can add different apps to your zoho wiki. You can create Docs, create and manage your own website, collaborate with others , share your wiki with others, and allow others to work on it and enjoy the joys of collaboration. PowerPoint Presentation: Click the drop-down menu on Zoho Apps button, and select chat. Now you can add chat application to your wiki and start instant messaging with the contacts you’ve added. PowerPoint Presentation: Click the drop-down menu on Zoho Apps button and choose Docs. You are directed to this URL, https ://docs.zoho.com/home, where you can create different files of document, spreadsheet, and presentation. PowerPoint Presentation: Zoho Docs enables you to create, upload, embed, publish, and share different file formats on the net with others. PowerPoint Presentation: Zoho offers a variety of online applications which work with the iPhone and Zoho Creator works on some mobile devices.

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